“Top Chef” contestant Jamie Lauren gets hit on — a lot

With the fifth season of Bravo’s Top Chef just about half-way over, the sole survivor of Team Rainbow, Jamie Lauren, is still in the running. SFluxe.com caught up with the tattooed femme to talk about life back at work as executive chef of San Francisco’s Absinthe Brasserie. The conversation, not surprisingly, turned to Lauren’s new celesbian status. Unfortunately, we’re offered no clues to the outcome of the contest.

On being a a celesbian:

It was never my intention. I mean obviously, being a queer woman, I wasn’t going to hide that from television. But that wasn’t the reason I went on the show, or anything like that. I think it’s great, but at the same time — and I’ve said this a lot — I’m a chef, first. And being lesbian is just part of who I am. It doesn’t define me as a chef. But I think it’s cool. Whoever can get inspiration from it, I’m okay with it.

Lauren added that she is “getting flirted with by a lot more girls than I was before, which is kind of interesting” and “whatever I can do to support the community, I will.”

If being hit on is supporting the community, then I’d like to think we’re a very supportive community as a whole. And every time you hit on Jamie Lauren, you’re supporting the community, ladies. Jamie Lauren, Lesbian Community Supporter of the Year.

Besides being a famous lesbian, she talks about cooking for people with food allergies, the most well-liked dishes at Absinthe and what she would cook for her favorite celebrity: Madonna.

“She has a very strange… from what I understand, she’s macrobiotic,” Lauren said. “She doesn’t eat anything else. All I’ve ever wanted to do is cook for her… I would probably make her a cheeseburger. A really good one.”