“Black Sails” recap (2.10): Smooth Sailing

Previously on Black Sails, everything went to shit. Max and Eleanor were apart for the better part of the entire season, Eleanor tried to have everyone who knew about the Urca gold killed which may or may not have included Max, Eleanor got kidnapped and traded by Hornigold and Dufresne to the Royal Navy for pardons, Vane took over Flint’s ship but then found out Flint was going to be put to death by Ashe so decided to save him, and Miranda got killed so dead after she demanded to be taken on this journey to fight for Nassau and when she was oh so close to seeing their dreams come true.

We open in the Ashe mansion, where a piano is playing one note over and over, melancholy and lonely. It’s Abigail, plucking way, probably repeating the scene she saw, Miranda’s dead body on the floor, over and over like the note she’s playing. Her father sits next to her and says he’s sending Abigail to Savannah, because what’s about to happen in the town square is not something a young girl should have to see. He doesn’t want to expose her to a public trial, because it might get gritty. He doesn’t want to let Abigail, a girl who just spend weeks, if not months, aboard pirate ships and in cells, suffering who knows what kind of torment, see what’s about to happen, because at least what happened to her was beyond reason. It was random and cruel. This, this is being done in the name of justice, and he’s embarrassed. And what’s worse, she knows it. She tells him that she was raised to respect the truth so the least he can do is tell her; is he sending her away to protect her from the potential danger? Or is he sending her away to protect himself, so she doesn’t see him kill the second of the two people who saved her, who cared for her? So she doesn’t see him put an innocent man to trial while the true murderer is still in his employ?

Black Sails 210-1 You can take the girl out of Nassau, but you can’t take the Nassau out of the girl.

Meanwhile, Vane is planning on saving Flint, because having him hung by the government would dissipate all fear of pirates, and he can’t have that. He tells his quartermaster to send everyone who agrees with him to shore and keep the rest occupied since they can’t sail the ship with a skeleton crew anyway.

Flint’s crew are still prisoner, and Silver is still trying to keep his eye on the…well, silver lining but Billy points out that just because Vane is going to save Flint from Ashe doesn’t mean he’s not going to kill Flint himself. Before Silver can think too much on it, Vane pops over for a chat with Billy. He says the enemy of his enemy is his friend, and with the New Nassau Flint has planned, they’re going to need as many able-bodied pirates as they can keep, so if Billy keeps his men in line, Vane’s men will behave right back, and both Flint and Vane will have full crews upon their return.

Flint is on the racks in the town square being publicly ridiculed. Ashe comes to tell Flint again that this isn’t what he wanted, as if it somehow makes a difference at this point. He tells Flint that if he just gives him a signed confession, he can make it stop, he can lesson the humiliation both for Flint and for Miranda. He tries to talk of what Miranda would want, but one of the things Ashe said to them just yesterday was how he might have known Flint and Miranda once upon a time, but he didn’t know the people they became. Flint tells him that Miranda wanted the truth, and just like Abigail did, he asks Ashe what his truth is. He asks whether he truly wanted to lead, or if he had been too afraid to say no.

Before Ashe can answer, a crier calls out about Flint’s “minion” as if Miranda didn’t have a mind of her own, saying they came to murder the governor in his own home, and opens the poor woman’s casket.

Black Sails 210-2Should have stayed in Nassau.

Then the people of the town start throwing things at Miranda’s body, hissing and booing. And I don’t know, all I’m saying is, over the course of two seasons, we’ve seen pirates pay more respect to the dead. Even Mr. Guthrie was buried with more respect.