“The 100” writer Kira Snyder on Clarke’s bisexuality and if Lexa will be back for Season 3

Kira Snyder is a writer and co-producer of The CW’s dystopian hit, The 100, and this past weekend she spoke on a panel at Binder Con in Los Angeles as part of a panel called The Revolution Will be Televised, Kinda: The Changing TV World is a Win for Writers. I was able to grab her after the spirited discussion about writing content for web and television to ask a few questions about Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), the 100 pairing we affectionally refer to as Clexa, and what we can expect for Season 3.

Bodyguard of Lies

AfterEllen.com: Were you part of creating the Clexa relationship?

Kira Snyder: The stories are all collaboratively written. Lexa was introduced in the episode that I wrote. It just happened to be where I came up in the writing assignment series. It was something we talked about and [creator] Jason Rothenberg was supportive of and the CW was supportive of so we’re really happy to have that storyline and really gratified that it’s sparked the fan response and press response that it has. It just goes down to the issues of representation and seeing [bisexual] people on screen. But that’ something I’m very pleased to be involved with.

AE: Do you see Clarke as bisexual?

KS: I believe, yes, officially Clarke is bisexual.


AE: That’s so rare—to have the female lead being bisexual.

KS: And that not being her defining characteristic, it’s just something we also wanted to do and have so it’s not, “Oh my gosh! It’s a big revelation!” It’s like, she loves boys, she love girls, and she wasn’t ready to be with anybody at that point. The way in which that unfolded was something we were committed to treating responsibly in a grounded kind of way.

Blood Must Have Blood, Part One

AE: Was her bisexuality something you’ve known about since Season 1 or did you decide upon it with introducing the new character of Lexa?

KS: I don’t actually know if that’s something that was in Jason’s head when he kind of drew up  the character for the pilot. I certainly would not rule it out, which is why it’s kind of a surprise we’ve had this response. But yeah, I mean he speaks openly about how this is in the future, and  issues of gender and sexuality—it’s beyond those big defining characteristics about people. So yeah, I don’t know that we sort of knew she was or this would happen but it certainly wasn’t ruled out.


AE: So is there a future for Clexa you can tell us about?

KS: I can’t say. We’re digging back into Season 3 very shortly and we’ll see. We’re a big fan of the actress, even though she’s on this other show [Fear the Walking Dead]. There’s opportunity to bring the character back. She’s not dead.

Blood Must Have Blood, Part One

AE: But you could and you want to?

KS: We could and we want to. I think we’re open to that as a possibility and we’d love to have her come play with us again. The character’s great. She obviously has a lot of sort of baggage—not just with Clarke but everybody, so I think it’d be great for the story of the show to have her back so we’ll see what happens. We’re hopeful.

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