“Call The Midwife” recap (4.1): Don’t Drink at Work

Cheerio Lesbos! Welcome to the weekly recaps of Call The Midwife. This British series, which airs stateside on PBS, chronicles the stories of Nonnatus House, where a group of young women and nuns work as midwives/nurses in London in the 1950’s and 60’s. This show is legit good, and you should be watching it because:

1. It’s unapologetically feminist.

2. British accents are adorable.

3. Midwife Patsy is a big ole redheaded lez.


Also, the first three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. Seriously, take a break from Friends and give it a whirl.

We open with midwife Trixie rushing out the door to assist with a birth. She hitches a ride with the milkman and delivers a baby in the backseat of a car without breaking a sweat. While the men putter about uselessly, Trixie calmly takes control of the situation and calms the mother. She also kneels in a puddle of vomit. Welcome to midwifery!

mid1Babies: now made in Dagenham!

Back at Nonnatus House, the nuns are making breakfast and discussing the arrival of the newest midwife. Nurse Jenny left at the end of last season, and her replacement should be arriving at any moment. Sister Monica Joan warns that there won’t be any cake left for her. Some things to know about Monica Joan: She is obsessed with cake, she may or may not be losing her marbles, and she is my patronus.

mid2Why the fuck is there no cake in my hands?!

Sister Evangelina refuses bacon and looks ill. Or maybe she’s just gone vegan? Nurse Chummy is leaving the house to take up a position as temporary matron, so they’ll be more short-staffed than ever. Her husband, Constable Noakes, will be around to help the ladies. Chummy attempts to drive away, but she has trouble with the stick shift. Not surprising, considering Chummy can barely ride a bike.

mid3 Marrying a cop and having his baby will NOT get you out of traffic tickets

We meet our new recruit, Barbara Gilbert, who is young and inexperienced. She gets lost on the way to Nonnatus House and drops her luggage. Some wild dogs (yes, really) run over and start playing fetch with her undergarments. Way to make a first impression, Barbara!

mid4Please don’t make me go bra shopping, I have no idea what my cup size is


Meanwhile, over at the clinic, Trixie meets a filthy young boy, Gary, wheeling his sister’s stroller. He’s arrived for milk coupons and juice, and is dismayed to find that the orange juice has been replaced with rosehips syrup. Trixie wants to examine the infant, but he takes some free samples and scampers off.

pic6Please sir, may I have some more?