“Call the Midwife” recap (4.2): A Warm, Dry Place

This week’s episode of Call the Midwife was at turns both funny and heartbreaking, a tonal balance that the show has proved quite adept at maintaining. We open with Sister Julienne in the garden when it starts to rain. She runs inside only to find it’s still raining; the roof is leaking. Sometimes all you want is a warm, dry place.

mid1This English weather is terrible for my marijuana garden!

Our Mum o’ the Week is Abigail Bissette, from the West Indies, who is expecting a baby with her bus driver husband Terrence. They are adorable and happy, which means that something terrible is about to happen.

mid2Everyone happy on this show suffers

Over at the clinic, Trixie has just arrived from a birth. She’s brought the placenta with her, wrapped in newspaper, like it’s fresh fish n’ chips. Girl, that stain is never coming out of your bag! Trixie is showing off her engagement ring and planning the engagement party to end all engagement parties.

mid3Let’s put a bow on it and give it to Trixie as a engagement gift

Sister Evangelina is back from the doctor, with a diagnosis of fibroids. The doc recommends a hysterectomy, but Evangelina doesn’t want to spend so much time in the hospital when there is work to be done. Sister Julienne informs her that a new midwife will be arriving, and she acquiesces to the surgery. She also refers to her ladybits as “an old pocket and some apron I’ll never use,” which is my new favorite slang for the reproductive system.

mid4At least now I don’t have to find a shower gift for Trixie!

Sister Winifred gives a baby care class on sanitary diapers, and the mums are jealous that Abigail has a washing machine. Sister Monica Joan is dubious of these new fangled washers, because old people are scared of technology. To be fair, I have used European washing machines, and they are terrifying.

mid5Permanent Press is the work of the devil!

Fred invites Patsy to join his scouting troop, which is great news for us because Patsy spends the entire episode dressed like a Scoutmaster. It’s probably the gayest thing this show has done so far. Fred has the boys demonstrate their fire starting techniques, which of course ends with everyone getting burned and Patsy bandaging a roomful of children. It’s funnier than it sounds.

mid6And now, Patsy will show us how to earn our Uhaul badge!

Phyllis Crane, the newest midwife, arrives. She is older than the girls, and full of opinions and criticisms of Nonnatus House. She refuses to wear the uniform, and she is a vegetarian, which really upsets Sister Monica Joan. It’s okay MJ, she can still have cake! Sister Evangelina takes an instant dislike to her temporary replacement.

mid7 Boss bitch