“The Returned” recap (1.5): He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

Previously on The Returned, we found out that Peter, the guy who just loves to help people, helped kill Victor and his mom nearly thirty years ago. Lena’s zombie wound is getting worse, and it’s the exact same injury that was on Camille’s dead body. Another Returned guy came back and pulled a shotgun on his brother Tony, who is the bartender at the Dog Star.

Seven years ago

Tony’s mom wakes up and realizes her other son “got out,” which is, immediately, a red flag. Anytime you have to keep a family member locked up – I mean, it’s just probably not a good situation. Tony goes out to bring his brother home, and sees him walking into the good old town murder tunnel.

photo1Well, we all know how this is going to end…

Adam, Tony’s brother, stabs Julie a few times and then starts biting the wounds on her stomach (EWWWW WHY). Tony shows up and clocks him in the head. Good job, Tony. But, instead of helping Julie in any way, he just takes his stupid, murder-y brother home. Bad job, Tony. At home, Adam wakes up as Tony is burying him alive (awkward) and insists that he will for sure never murder anyone again. Tony stabs him with his shovel and continues to sniffle/cry/dig.

Present day

Adam and Tony are eating dinner, and Adam is being pretty nonchalant about being back from the dead. He wants to go into to town for groceries, but Tony is like, “Uh, bro, you are basically a zombie, so if anyone sees you it will be bad.” Adam’s like, “Whatevs, how did I die anyway? You said I was sick.” Tony is not sure how to describe the type of sick where you stab women and eat their stomachs, but he knows it’s bad. Over at the hospital, Julie visits Lucy (Adam’s most recent victim). She looks at her wounds, so similar to her own, and holds her hand.

Tommy and Rowan are still in the same house, which I don’t get at all. If I were Rowan, I’d be literally anywhere else. She is drinking wine and crying, and Tommy tries to explain that he did all the lying and spying to protect her, because he’s the nicest guy in the whole wide world. Since he’s just so nice, he’s willing to forgive her dalliance with Simon, because he’s seen the movie Ghost and he knows how tempting a pottery wheel can be. But Tommy also believes that Simon is dangerous, and wants Rowan to think about that.

Meanwhile at the community center, Victor confronts Peter—and he actually talks! Victor tells Peter that he knows Peter killed his mother and then killed him. Peter is alarmed, but before he can respond, the power goes out and Victor is gone by the time he finds a flashlight.

photo2 “Hello. My name is Victor (maybe). You killed my mother (and me). Prepare to die.”

The next day, Rowan is taking her daughter’s class on a walking tour of the town. As an ex-waitress/librarian, I’m not sure why she’s qualified to provide a verbal history, but let’s just go with it. She decides it might be fun to traumatize a group of children, so she tells them about how the dam broke 29 years ago and killed a bunch of people. She also thinks she sees Simon, but it’s just another broody musician. Honestly, those guys are a dime a dozen.

Back at the community center, Peter has had no luck finding Victor. He asks Helen if Victor said anything before he left, and, after answering that he did not, Helen asks Peter the very same question. When Peter says no, Helen gives him a knowing smile and leaves to go for a walk. She heads down to the river and wades into the water, enjoying just a moment of peace before a deranged procession of deer carcasses floats past.

photo3Bucks on parade.

In arguably the best scene on The Returned so far, Nikki is making out in bed with a woman (not Julie, though). Before things can escalate, she receives a call from the other police officer in town (the one who isn’t Tommy). She bristles at being bothered on her day off, and not-Tommy is like, “Oh, you lesbianing right now? Cool.” He tells her about a missing persons report from four years ago that sounds similar to Victor. She hangs up and tells not-Julie that she, unfortunately, can’t scissor at the moment. Not-Julie is sad.

photo4“Wait for me here bb”

Nikki goes to the community center to question Victor. Peter gets squirrely, all, “Funny story, ha ha, he’s actually not here.” Nikki’s like, “Yeah, that’s not funny. Why didn’t you call?” Peter tries to play it off like it’s no big deal, and Nikki tells him to call if the kid hasn’t come back by the evening.

Tommy is down at the river, and all the buck carcasses have been pulled from the water. They need to run some tests to make sure the drinking water is still safe. Perhaps more importantly, they need to figure out why the fuck a bunch of deer died for no apparent reason.