Felicia Day returns to “Supernatural” with the key to saving Dean

Metatron and Castiel arrive at a library where Castiel’s grace is supposed to be. When Metatron admits that he doesn’t know exactly where it is, Castiel tortures him a bit. Clues are hidden in Metatron’s favorite books and they have to solve riddles they find within to track down the grace.

Dean has found info on the family that has been chasing Charlie. They are the Steins and have a long history of being complete evil dicks. The Steins used spells from the Book of the Damned, which they lost over a hundred years back. Dean warns that using the book, brings unspeakable darkness unto its users, and it’s been calling out to him since he had it in his hands. It wants him to use it for evil. Dean wants to destroy the book, even if it holds the answer to releasing him from the Mark. Sam refuses to give up and insists on at least translating the book, because he can’t face losing his brother again. Dean is insistent though that the book is no good.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.12.19 AMMan, I wish Willow was here. Well, as long as she left Kennedy at home.

 As Metatron and Castiel try to track down the grace, they argue about being angels. Castiel still holds tight to the belief that they are part of some big family, but Metatron thinks they are just sad, cogs in a heavenly machine. The whole time, Metatron has been using his blood to write a spell that knocks Castiel out.

While Dean is gone, Sam tells Charlie about the time when the brothers had a chance to close the gates of hell, but Dean refused to let Sam sacrifice himself. It ended up causing a big fight between them. Charlie laments about the life she thought she’d have with a million dollar start up in Silicon Valley and a happy marriage to Scarlett Johansson. Now she’s sleeping with one eye open and happy to be alive. Sam gets it. He kept thinking that one day he’d get back to the life he’d left, but this is his life now and he doesn’t want to do it without Dean. 

At the library, Metatron is busy taunting Castiel and recovering his demon tablets. Castiel struggles but recovers his grace at the same time that Metatron runs off with the tablet. Reabsorbing his grace blows the library to bits, and he gets all glowylike.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.46.57 AMAngel Powers Activate

After killing some dude at a gas station, Gambit runs into Dean. Dean catches a glimpse of the clerk’s dead body in the mirror, and pulls a gun out. Gambit’s henchman grabs Dean, and reveals his mark, which impresses Gambit’s evil tingly parts. Gambit’s name is actually Jake, which is disappointing, and when he spies the gummy bears Dean was buying, he knows they are for Charlie. He asks Dean if he plans to use the book to remove the Mark, but Dean stays mum. Jake confirms that the book can remove the Mark of Cain, but it can also unleash some uber evil, so best not to mess with it. Dean headbutts both men, and manages to get his gun back. He fires an entire clip into the henchman, who finally falls allowing Dean to escape and run back to the cabin.

Jake tracks them down at the cabin, with a fresh set of henchmen but Dean is quickly lighting a fire to destroy the book. As Dean calls out to Sam to burn the book, Stein family baddies burst through the windows attacking Dean and Charlie. Jake grabs Sam by the throat, even as Dean pumps him full of lead. He finally succumbs to a stab wound from Sam, as the book burns away Dean’s chance at being free of the Mark.

Back at Winchester headquarters, Castiel is pissed that he didn’t kill Metatron when he had the chance. Sam tells him to look on the bright side: he got his grace back. Charlie arrives bearing groceries and hugs for Castiel, who she’d never met before. Charlie wonders if Castiel can cure Dean with his angel powers and whatnot, but he can’t. She jokes about him curing her carpel tunnel, and he places his fingers on her forehead and does it. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.16.17 PMAngel Boop.

Dean comes in bearing pizza and the mark of unspeakable evil. They all sit down to eat, but Sam can barely keep a fake smile on his face. He has a secret now. He didn’t burn the Book of the Damned after all. He goes to Rowena to ask her help in saving Dean.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.22.39 PMI may be evil, but my accent is fantastic.

Hopefully Charlie will stick around for a bit, as it’s always a delight to see Felicia Day on our teevees.