Elisha Cuthbert on Lizzy’s quirks and the Season 1 finale of “One Big Happy”

There are also parts of Lizzy that Elisha hopes viewers pick up on as character traits.

“You know like when she’s around beautiful women she gets a little uncomfortable and stutters and can’t form a sentence,” she said. “And I think you know that works in it played to me anyways, so I mean going forward if we get to keep doing it I think we keep those little things, you know? We keep the fun things that work and you get rid of things that just don’t stick, but those are things that the actor knows and you know the writers see and play to those qualities and those traits. It’s fun—that’s all the fun stuff right, like developing the character and forming her into a real sort of person with real sort of nuances and things. That’s the fun stuff.”

One Big Happy - Season 1

But one thing Elisha didn’t want to do with Lizzy was to make her too high-strung. 

“I also wanted to bring a kind of quirkiness to her too because sometimes type A characters are written so uptight that they’re not loose enough to have fun almost like—I think of it like Charlotte from Sex and the City,” she said. “I just—I didn’t want to go down that path with the character and Liz didn’t either. So she’s got a little bit of that Type A which makes sense, but at the same time she also is a big goofy which lends itself to us having a lot more fun with playing with the character.”

One question viewers have had about Lizzy throughout the season was if she had a job, which Elisha explains.

“She did have a job at the start in the pilot, and I think that it ended up getting not specified or got taken out of the dialogue in some form that would be more Liz [Feldman],” she said. “But I think she was involved in working in not publicity but possibly marketing in some way because everyone was wondering how does Lizzy have this house and afford an amazing house in Silver Lake, so she’s obviously got a good job which I don’t know if we’ve specified what it is yet.”

Elisha said she enjoys hearing from people who have the same kind of modern family as she’s part of One Big Happy.

“The best that I’ve heard is that I had actually just spoken to a writer in New Zealand who had said that he has a really good friend who has the same family situation as Luke and Lizzy and Prudence. And just the feedback in which the people are not too shocked or you know fascinated with the idea more so that people are relating to our family dynamic and this style of show and this group of people,” she said. “So for me you know there was always that, ‘Oh, it might be shocking,’ which seems crazy to us but obviously was on people’s radar and then for us to have the show come out and it really not be anything sort of out of the norm and people really responding to and, if not more so, relating to it was amazing.”

One Big Happy - Season 1

So what can we expect for tomorrow night’s season finale?  Elisha gives us a few tidbits.

“Well it’s definitely a continuation of last week’s episode when Martin came to town so you’re really going to get to sort of see where that episode takes Kelly and Nick’s characters more primarily,” she said, “but I think we put in a nice button on it for the season. I think the audiences will be really satisfied where we leave them off, but I think there will be also that thing where there will be more places to go with it. It’s a really nice season finale episode.”

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