“Call the Midwife” recap (4.5): The Power of Belief

It’s a hot summer in Poplar, and the townsfolk are roasting themselves in the sun. Sister Julienne helps Janice Prendergast give birth, while her husband Ray prays outside the door. She delivers a baby boy, who they name Raymond. The Prendergasts are Christian Scientists and they believe in the power of prayer over medicine. Best of luck, guys.

Call1 It’s not a burrito!

It’s another busy week at the clinic, and poor Dr. Turner is taking over patients for another doctor who is on vacation. Shelagh would like a vacation as well, but there’s too much work to be done.

Trixie gives Patsy back her engagement present, and sets about the rough task of returning all her engagement gifts. Patsy says she should talk to Tom and try to work it out, but Trixie would rather talk about her new lipstick color.

call2 I dunno, Trix. I don’t think that’s a bullet vibrator

Barbara sees a pregnant Sylheti mother struggling to walk down the street. She tries to talk to her, but realizes the woman doesn’t speak English. Her son, Faruk, pops in to translate for her, but his school bell rings before Barbara can explain the midwifery services available.

call3 Hi! Do you want to come and have a stranger poke around your naughty bits?

Sister Evangelina is recovering from her surgery, and we get our fist glimpse of Cynthia this season. Since taking the habit, she is now Sister Mary Cynthia, and she prepares for her return to Nonnatus house. Sister MC is nervous about adjusting to her new role at Nonnatus house, but Evangelina assures her she’ll be great.

Trixie mails off the rest of the returned presents, when she sees Tom walking down the street. She scurries off before he can see her, but he does, and looks heartbroken as well.

call4 gimme that baby!

Julienne calls on the Prendergasts, and finds that baby Raymond won’t stop crying. The parents are exhausted and frazzled. Julienne examines the baby, and sees that he has a broken collar bone. She assures Janice that it happens sometimes during birth, and they take the baby to get x-rays.

Sister MC arrives at Nonnatus house, and everyone is glad to see her. Sister MJ is out of town this episode, and Trixie welcomes back her friend. Sister Wini shows her to her new room, the quietest in the house so she can focus on her devotions. I think Sister Wini is psyched to have a nun her own age and to not be the greenest nun in the house.

call5 Stop by my room later and I’ll show you the secret nun handshake!

The next day, we find out that there has been a small outbreak of diphtheria. Fred has fixed up Mary Cynthia’s bike, and now all she has to do is figure out how to ride it in a habit. Barbara goes to the school and gets the name and address of her Sylheti mum, Amira Khatoon. The headmistress remarks that she seems sad and isolated from the other mums, and Barbara imagines how difficult the language and culture shock must be.

Julienne checks on baby Raymond, and sees that while they’ve bought a fancy new pram, they aren’t giving the baby his medicine because of their religious beliefs. Sister Julienne is all for prayer, but even she realizes that modern medicine is necessary, especially when an infant is in pain. She gives the boy the medicine, and prays with Janice.

call6This white lady says you should raise my allowance and make cake for dinner

Barba calls on Amira, who welcomes her into her home. She explains midwifery to Amira, through Fark’s translation, and invites her to the clinic.

The girls are going out on the town, but Trixie stays in to finish dismantling her engagement. Patsy tries rally her, but instead Trixie spends the night looking at pictures of Tom and crying. She finds an old photo of her and Cynthia, and goes to see her friend, only to find her praying. Trixie leaves her changed friend alone.

call7Knock knock! Who’s there? A lesbian!

Amira and her son go to the clinic, and Faruk stands outside the curtain translating for Amira. The nurses need to do an internal examination, but they don’t want to tell Faruk: They need a female translator to help with the lady business. Amira tells them that she is alone, as most women stay in the village, but she loved her husband too much to let him leave. She says that she goes where he goes, even to the moon. The nurses give her a back brace/girdle to help her with walking.