“Orphan Black” recap (3.3): We make a family, yes?

Previously on Orphan Black, Gracie and Mark were on the run from whichever Proletheans survived the fiery wrath of Helena, who got sold to Castor by Mrs. S; Cal took Kira to Meereen; the Castor Clones are on the hunt for the original DNA and glitching all over the place, including Seth the StacheClone, who was put out of his misery by Rudy the ScarClone.

Unfortunately for Sarah and Felix, Rudy didn’t bother to take his brother’s body with him, so they’re left to clean up the mess. This isn’t Sarah’s first go-round with a clone’s dead body, so she’s staying tough. When they finally get the body into the bathtub, Felix suggests they take some shots before they figure out their next step.

Orphan Black 303-1 “Should we make bloody marys?” “Too soon.”

Felix suggests Mrs. S; surely mommy dearest would know how to dispose of a body. Sarah doesn’t want to ask Mrs. S for any more help, but Felix says he can do it. Before they can make a final decision, Art bangs on the loft’s door, so they scurry to cover up evidence that they just dragged a dead body cross the floor. Sarah slides the door open and the two of them act like they’ve never had to lie to cover up a crime before, squirming and trying to block Art’s path to the bathroom. Art sees blood on the floor but before Felix can convince him it’s spilled paint from his latest project, Art pushes his way into the bathroom and finds the body.

They pinky promise it wasn’t them who killed him, and ask him to look the other way. Art is uncomfortable with this plan, but they Skype Cosima to introduce the two of them and he’s distracted a little when Cosima says she knew Beth and misses her, too.

Sarah and Felix show Cosima and Scott the dead clone and the scientists figure it must be a design flaw, like the ones the Leda clones have, but in the brain.

Orphan Black 303-2An adorkable duo if I’ve ever seen one.

That’s why Seth and Rudy wanted the original genome, to find the cure. Cosima wants to examine Seth’s brain so Felix invites them over to their family bloodbath.

Art tells Sarah that the reason he’s at the loft in the first place is because he has a lead on Prolethean Mark’s location and Sarah is ready to play detective, this time without having to straighten her hair or put on an accent.

Mark wakes up in the motel to find Gracie gone; before he can full-on panic, she returns with coffee and breakfast. She asks why they’re spending their honeymoon hiding in a seedy motel and not having sex, but he’s being twitchy (not to be confused with glitchy) and not informative. In order to avoid answering more questions, Mark and Gracie finally consummate their marriage.

In the suburbs, still so far removed from the goings on of her sestras, Alison is stirring up her own trouble. And by trouble I mean soap. She’s using homemade artisan soap as a cover for the drug business she bought from Ramone because of course she is. Team Hendrix: Craft Big or Go Home. On their campaigning spree, Alison meets a resistant woman who is suddenly really interested in Alison’s campaign when she realizes she’s the new Ramone. All is going according to plan.

Orphan Black 303-3“First, the suburbs, then the world!”

Post-coitally, Mark says he had been waiting to have sex; his brothers were the ones with the sex missions, not him. Gracie says she knows they’re in the same town as her father’s old friend and she’s pretty sure it’s not a coincidence. Mark confesses that he’s not an AWOL soldier, but that he was sent to recover something from the Prolethean compound. He says that he needs to get the scientific material he was sent to obtain and then they will truly be free.

Not too far away, Art and Sarah follow Art’s lead and find Alexis, the midwife from the Prolethean compound. Sarah says she’s looking for Helena, but Alexis doesn’t know or care what happened to her. Sarah grabs her and shakes some info out of her: Helena’s eggs were harvested and made into babies that were put in Helena herself. Alexis says it’s a miracle like it was something that comes automatically out of her mouth but that she doesn’t believe it one bit. She also mentions that Gracie is pregnant with a child with the same egg/sperm combo. Before Sarah leaves, Alexis sneers and says her only regret is ever having to be civil to an “abomination.”

Orphan Black 303-4“I hate your stupid faces!”

Sarah locks eyes with her all, “You ain’t seen nothing, yet.”

At the motel, Gracie asks Mark how he feels about the baby she’s carrying, and he promises to be there for her, for them, no matter what. This is all Gracie needed to hear; she wants to help Mark, she wants to be free. Gracie drives her father’s truck to his old friend Mr. Finch’s farm. And she means business.

Orphan Black 303-5Don’t mess with a Weasley.

Mr. Finch is as creepy as you would expect a friend of the creeptastic Johansson, saying words like “blossomed” and leering at her. Gracie asks for the box her father kept in his care and he tries to extort $1000 from her but she uses the threat of her mother and religious ginger voodoo powers to get him to give it to her for free.

Meanwhile, Art and Sarah are trying to figure out why Mark took Gracie with him. After a little cop talk, Art mentions that Sarah isn’t all that unlike Beth, that the similarities go deeper than their enchantingly good looks. Sarah looks at him, the way he talks about Beth, and knows there’s something more going on under that tough guy facade. He tells her Beth is the one he called that night, before she jumped. He didn’t take her seriously, shrugged it off as another post-pill episode. His mourning was delayed by Sarah’s impersonation, so he’s still piecing things together, still trying to deal. Sarah tells Art that he couldn’t have known, that there was nothing he could have done, but Art changes the subject back to Helena, saying, “Let’s get your sister back.”

He couldn’t save Elizabeth Childs, but he’s sure going to try like hell to save Helena. For Sarah. For Beth.

Speaking of Helena, she’s hanging out in her cell, singing lullabies to her tiny fetus and peeping out the bars on the door when she hears a noise.

Orphan Black 303-6“Pupok? You find these mangoes they speak of?”

The noise was Paul’s truck returning to base with Rudy. Virginia welcomes her son with a slap, but Rudy swears he had no other choice; Seth was Stage 5 in the field and protocol requires a mercy kill at that point. Virginia is still distraught; if they had come straight home, this wouldn’t have happened, he would have been on base when he glitched out. Paul sends Rudy away and gives Virginia a carton of cigarettes to appease her. They chat about the defect, about how the Castor clones are dropping like flies, and how Helena’s brain seems to be fine. Well, clean of any defects, anyway. Despite Paul’s hesitation, Virginia wants to send Rudy back out into the field; they’re in danger of being shut down by Topside. All she needs from Paul is for him to get them more time.

In Felix’s loft, Cosima and Scott are hacking at Seth’s body, trying to get at his brain. Scott is standing by squeamishly while Felix keeps a safe distance, but Cosima is basically straddling the body, covered in blood and not minding a bit.

In fact, she uses this time to wax poetic about the meaning of life. What makes a person a person? Is it their brain, their neurons and cells, or there a soul that left the body that lie lifeless beneath her? Or is it like Simmons on Agents of SHIELD said, “Every bit of energy inside us, every particle will go on to be a part of something else. Maybe live as a dragonfish, a microbe, maybe burn in a supernova ten billion years from now.”

Orphan Black 303-7Just searching for answers, you know?

Scott pleads with her to get back to the science, but Felix tells her to do her. He gives her tongs so she can pluck the brain out, causing Felix to scurry away and Scott to turn green. She teases her sidekick, calling him “Igor” and smearing blood all over his smock.