“Call the Midwife” recap (4.6): Do Si Doh

Welcome to this week’s recap of Call the Midwife, where Delia makes her triumphant return to square dance with Patsy.

We open with Sister Mary Cynthia still adjusting to life as a nun/wearing that wimple. Sister Evangelina is back at Nonnatus house, and is immediately butting heads with Phyllis Crane. Phyllis goes out to her car to find her hubcaps have been stolen, right under Fred and Sgt. Noakes’s noses. Noakes thinks they were stolen by gypsies, who have set up a nearby camp.

mid1 Here’s a thought: Maybe spend less time arresting gay guys and more time watching my fucking car

Phyllis goes to visit Paulette, a 17-year-old diabetic with a contentious relationship with her mother. Phyllis wants to teach her to inject herself with insulin, but Paulette is hesitant about jabbing herself. Phyllis tells her to get over it and makes fun of her frou-frou house coat.

mid2 I’m not taking fashion advice from a woman wearing a paper hat!

Noakes goes to the gypsy camp to investigate the hubcap theft, and one of the locals tells him that his kids aren’t criminals. He sees a newborn baby, and tells the midwives that their services may be needed at the camp.

Patsy is putting up posters for a charity square dance to raise money so the scouts can go to the jamboree. Delia shows up and teases her for being so devoted to the scouts. These two are adorable. They are interrupted by Evangelina, who storms in eager to get back to work.

mid3Hey girl, I want to dance all around your square, if you know what I mean

Paulette waits for her mum to leave, and goes out to meet with her secret boyfriend, Vaughn. Vaughn is on probation, but he wants to move on and get a proper job. They’re young and in love, which means something bad is going to happen.

It’s dinnertime at Nonnatus house, and Phyllis has made a cheese tart for Evangelina, as she needs something simple in her system. Evangelina rejects the tart, calling it a quiche, as if that’s some sort of insult. Um, quiches are delicious, sister. Slow your roll.

mid4 Fuck right off with that quiche

Vaughn sees his little brother playing with the stolen hubcaps, and quickly confiscates them from the kids. Violet joins the citizen corps and flirts with Fred about shoelaces. Shelagh is getting Tim ready for school, and he’s upset because he wants long trousers and is worried the other boys will make fun of him for his shorts. Don’t worry, Tim. They won’t make fun of you for shorts; they’ll make fun of you for being a straight-up nerd.

Trixie and Sister Mary Cynthia go to the gypsy camp in the pouring rain and meet with young mum Rita and her newborn. They also meet Attracta, Rita’s aunt and the resident midwife (who is also Mrs. S on Orphan Black). Attracta is dubious of the midwives’ intentions, but soon welcomes them in. She is pregnant as well.

mid5 Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s raining on my lunch

The midwives are drinking Bournvita and talking about what they’ll wear to the square dance. Patsy recommends checkered shirts, and she has plenty for the girls to borrow. Of course you do, Pats. Phyllis buys a ticket from the girls, who laugh when she tells them of her square dancing prowess.

mid6So no takers on my flannel collection then?

The next day, Phyllis checks on Paulette, who is fighting with her mother. She pukes, and Phyllis realizes that she might be pregnant. She takes her urine sample and sends it to the lab. Meanwhile, Fred buys some shoelaces from Violet, and they talk about their kids. They’re both widowed, and they shyly continue to flirt.

Sister MC visits the gypsy camp, where she finds Attracta caring for her grandmother Peggy. Peggy is dying, and Attracta tells MC that she was basically a mum to her. MC brings her a tea pot to better feed her tea, and lets Attracta rest while she tends to Peggy herself.

mid7 This better not be quiche

The lab tests confirm that Paulette is pregnant, which means a very high risk and dangerous pregnancy. Her mum is furious and calls Paulette a slut. Dr. Turner explains the complications of a diabetic pregnancy, and recommends a legal hospital abortion. The mum is on board, but Paulette wants to keep her baby. She storms out and tells Vaughn the news, and he wants to marry her.

mid8 It’s okay, I’ve watched all the seasons of Teen Mom. I know what I’m doing.

Back at the gypsy camp, MC examines Attracta, who is due soon. She tries to convince her to give birth at the clinic, but Attracta wants to have the baby at home. She doesn’t want charity, but MC tells her that she is going to need help, as she can’t deliver the baby alone.