“Call the Midwife” recap (4.6): Do Si Doh

Phyllis visits Paulette again, who still doesn’t want the abortion. Since she’s 17, she’s not a legal adult and cannot make her own decisions regarding the pregnancy. Vaughn shows up to ask for Paulette’s hand in marriage, but mum kicks him out of the house. Later, he brings Phyllis her hubcaps and re-installs them for her. He tells her that he wants the baby, and he doesn’t want it to be a bastard. Phyllis informs him that she was born out of wedlock, but she still managed to make something of herself.

mid9 Look at Jon Snow, he’s a bastard and now he’s Watch Commander!

Fred asks Violet to accompany him to the square dance and she accepts. Go Fred!

Dr. Turner has admitted Violet to the clinic as a social case, but she’s still upset about the abortion. She asks Phyllis if she would let her keep the baby if she were her mum, and Phyllis isn’t sure what she would do. She’s worried for Paulette.

Shelagh is overwhelmed with work, and she has to stitch labels in all of Tim’s clothes. Dr. Turner tells her to ask for help, so she outsources the stitching to Nonnatus house. Sister MJ refuses to stitch, and offers to loan Tim a Latin dictionary instead. Oh, MJ, never change. Sister Wini and Evangelina discuss the challenges of devoting your life to God, Evangelina says that despite the difficulties, midwifery is always a joy.

mid10 I’d love to help, but I don’t give a fuck

Phyllis tells Paulette that her abortion is scheduled, and she’ll be transferred to the hospital. Vaughn visits her and they decide to run away to his aunt’s house.

Sister MC visits the gypsy camp to find the police trying to evict them. Apparently they need a license to camp, and tensions are running high. Attracta is going into labor, and MC yells at everyone to calm the fuck down and stop the eviction because she has work to do. Shockingly, everyone listens to her and lets her help Attracta into her camper. With Rita and MC’s help, Attracta delivers a healthy baby boy. The camp cheers and everyone thanks MC for her help. Everyone is shocked when Peggy gets out of bed, walks to the camper, and holds the baby. Attracta tells her that she was there for her first baby, and now she’s here for her last. The next day, MC visits the camp only to find that Peggy has passed away.

mid11 We’re getting too old for this shit

Paulette and Vaughn are camping in the woods, as they’re a day away from his aunts. Paulette’s blood sugar is dropping as Vaughn tries to make a lean-to with some twigs. These kids are NOT prepared for anything.

The midwives dress for the dance, and Delia shows up with a bottle of bourbon, aka American scotch. Phyllis joins them for a cream soda, and says that (just for tonight) they can call her by her first name.

mid12I refuse to square dance sober

Vaughn realizes that Paulette is in serious danger, so he steals a car and rushes her to the clinic. His probation officer is not going to like that. Evangelina lets them in and sends Vaughn to fetch Dr. Turner from the dance.

At the square dance, the midwives are dancing and having fun. Fred and Violet show up, and the scouts make fun of Fred’s cowboy fringe, which is admittedly ridiculous. Delia tells Patsy that she wants to dance with her. A tango, a foxtrot, it doesn’t matter. She just wants to dance with her girl. Delia wonders if there is somewhere in the world where people wouldn’t care that they dance, and Patsy looks doubtful. In the meantime, they’ll just dance together in their heads. You girls are breaking my heart.

mid13How’s about some “Brokeback” roleplay?

Paulette is taken away in an ambulance, and Vaughn is arrested for stealing the car. He gets one phone call, and he calls Crane to come bail him out. She assures him that he did the right thing, and that she’ll speak up for him in court. He asks her tell Paulette he loves her.

At the gypsy camp, the gypsies light Peggy’s camper on fire and sing a song for her. It’s a bit like a Viking funeral. Rita and Attracta watch the flames, each holding their newborns.

mid14Who brought marshmallows?

Paulette is in the hospital with her mum, ready to have the abortion. Her mum has come around on Vaughn, who saved her life. She assures her daughter that medicine is always changing, and in a year or two she might be able to carry a child.

Sister MC goes to the gypsy camp, which has cleared out. Rita has stayed behind to thank her for all her help, and gives her Peggy’s tea cup. Shelagh and Dr. Turner see Tim off at school, and he wears his new long trousers that his dad bought him.

mid15 Good luck, nerd

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