“Jane the Virgin” recap (1.22): Baby Villanueva

According to the narrator, Villanueva babies come late, quick and are always girls. So Jane isn’t concerned when Xiomara has to go off to Las Vegas for a few days to perform in a show with Rogelio.

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Rafael is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He has every intention of selling the hotel, especially since he already sold his father’s company, the Maracay Group. Rafael just needs to convince Petra to sell her share too. Luisa has her doubts about Rafael getting Petra to do so, but he doesn’t seem worried at all. He knows how to play Petra, which he does fairly well. Rafael puts on his charm and invites Petra out for dinner at the Italian restaurant where they had their first date. She, of course, is smitten by this.


Jane is home alone when Michael, ever the savior, arrives with burger and fries for a very pregnant Jane. She has her first contraction while Michael is helping her to fill out graduate school applications online. Michael suggests they head off to the hospital.

Turns out it was just Braxton Hicks contractions. After the doctor confirms this, Rafael goes out into the waiting area to tell Michael and to let him know that he has no business being there. They bicker over who’s going to get Jane. During their bickering, Jane interrupts. She is disgusted by their behavior and leaves the boys to themselves.


Rafael shows up on Jane’s doorstep to apologize for how he reacted at the hospital. He finally breaks down and tells Jane how he feels, that he made a mistake breaking up with her. Jane reminds him that he said he didn’t love her. But, in fact, he does love her. Rafael only told her that because it was what he thought she needed to hear. Jane isn’t having any of it. She makes Rafael leave. How can he break her heart, tell her he doesn’t love her, and then pop up on her doorstep like, “Surprise! I was only joking when I said I don’t love you!” After slamming the door on Rafael, poor Jane breaks into tears.

The next day, Michael shows up to apologize for last night at the hospital. He even makes Jane a mixtape for when she actually goes into labor. He asks Jane whether or not he’s imagining that something is going on between them. Jane admits that she feels something too. That Michael is safe and familiar to her. Michael doesn’t want to be her “safe” choice and if that’s what he is to her, then he doesn’t want any part of it.

When Michael gets home, Nadine, his ex-partner, is sitting on his couch. She wants to propose a deal with him. She made contact with her handler, because they think she’s still working for them. So she says. Nadine has info on Sin Rostro’s plastic surgeon’s whereabouts. In exchange, she wants her family safe and leniency for herself. There are rumors that the plastic surgeon changed Sin Rostro’s face. If this is true, then he’s the only one that knows what Sin Rostro’s real face looks like.


While at her graduate school interview Jane has more contractions. Thinking that it is nothing more than Braxton Hicks contractions, Jane goes home on the bus. While on the bus she goes from contractions that are eight minutes apart to full-on labor mode. She’s on the phone with Xiomara during this intense time so Xiomara demands to speak with the bus driver. Xiomara convinces the driver to take a detour to get Jane to the nearest hospital, St. Luke’s.

Rafael and Abuela are with Jane at the hospital but Xiomara is stuck in Las Vegas with Rogelio. There are no available flights that night, so she has to take the first morning flight home. This means she can’t perform in the show. Rogelio walks off upset, after hearing this from Xiomara. At first it seems that he’s upset the show will be ruined, but Rogelio is genuinely upset that Xiomara would think that he wouldn’t want to be there when his grandchild is born. He, too, books a flight first thing in the morning back to Miami. First class, of course.

Meanwhile, Jane’s contractions are still two minutes apart. The nurse tells them that it could be a long night. Abuela leaves the room. Rafael and Jane talk baby names. They finally come up with a name. “Nina Villanueva,” Jane says with a smile. “Don’t you mean Nina Solano?” Rafael asks. Jane wants the baby to have her last name, so she’s willing to compromise on combining their names. Nina Solano Villanueva.


Seeing this as the perfect time, Rafael confesses to Jane that the reason why he didn’t go to Spain on the business trip was because Jane was dilated. He stayed for her and for their baby. He even sold his father’s company. Jane is partially happy to hear this. Not as happy as Rafael thought she would be, but he’ll take it.

Michael and the police squad move in on the plastic surgeon’s living space, which seems to be a warehouse of sorts. Nadine was right, the plastic surgeon does live there. He just isn’t alive. They find the plastic surgeon’s corpse on the ground, in a pool of blood, with a bullet hole in his chest. A lot of help he’ll be in finding out the true identity of Sin Rostro.

Xiomara and Rogelio spend the night drinking with some of his fans. When their alarms go off at five in the morning, they wake up hungover and can’t remember what happened that night. They rush off to catch their flights.

At the hospital, Jane doesn’t want to have the baby without Xiomara. Her flight is supposed to land any minute. Rafael suggests that he call Michael, so that Michael can get a police escort to pick up Xiomara from the airport.

Michael has Nadine handcuffed to his filing cabinet. He gets the call from Rafael and rushes out, leaving Nadine alone with the handcuff keys within her reach. Once Michael leaves, Nadine manages to grab the keys.


After a long time pushing, Jane is tired and doesn’t want to push anymore. Just then, Xiomara enters and she helps Jane to get through those final pushes. When Jane gives that final push, out pops a BOY. Jane for sure thought she would have a girl. Either way, she couldn’t be happier. And as the narrator stated, “Her heart was full.”

While alone with their baby, Rafael reiterates that he does love Jane and he wants a family with her and the baby. Jane says she’ll think about it. They eventually come up with a name for the baby. They name him Mateo (after Jane’s grandfather) Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva. Sounds about right.

Back at the hotel, Miami Dade Memorial Fertility Clinic is trying to get ahold of Rafael. Since they can’t speak with him, they speak with Mrs. Solano, aka Petra. After speaking with them, Petra goes to Rafael’s office to relay the message and over hears Rafael telling Luisa that he wants Petra out of his life now that he has his family.


What was that phone call about? The clinic found a misplaced vial of Rafael’s sperm. After hearing the comment that Rafael made to Luisa, Petra keeps this information from him. She goes down to the clinic, alone, and picks up the vial of Rafael’s sperm for herself.

When Michael gets home he sees the unlocked handcuffs hanging from the filing cabinet. He calls his captain to tell him the bait worked. Michael has a tracking device on Nadine’s phone. All he needs is for Nadine to lead them to Sin Rostro.


After all the baby commotion, Rogelio and Xiomara find a DVD with their names on it in his bag. They play the DVD on a laptop. We’re shown a very drunk Xiomara and Rogelio stumbling down a chapel aisle. Rogelio’s fans sit in a pew cheering them on. Xiomara and Rogelio proceed to stumble their vows and seal the marriage deal with a sloppy kiss. Yep, they got hitched in Vegas.


A nurse enters Jane’s room and takes Mateo to do a standard hearing test. The nurse walks off with the baby down a long hallway. She pulls out a pair of scissors and snips off Mateo’s hospital tag, then walks out of the hospital with Mateo under her coat. There is a black car waiting for the nurse. A door opens and we are shown a woman’s legs wearing high heels. Sin Rostro. The nurse hands Mateo to Sin Rostro. As the nurse walks off, Mateo is driven off into the night in Sin Rostro’s arms.