Why We’ll Miss “Marry Me”

As you may have heard, Marry Me starring Ken Marino,  Casey Wilson and our favorite Tymberlee Hill  has officially been cancelled. I am surprised and disappointed because I honestly found the show to be very funny. I’m particularly sad to see Kay, one of the few queer women of color on television, leave us just as she was diving head first into a real committed relationship with Ana Ortiz’s character, Hailey.

Happy Couple

I will miss Kay as the hilarious, straight-talking, lady-loving lothario as she was presented in the beginning of the season. But I will also regret not being able to experience how the character may have developed by being in a relationship. Although the last four episodes of the season have aired in the UK, it is unlikely that we’ll ever get to see them on this side of the pond. This leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions and missed opportunities such as seeing Nia Vardalos play Annie’s birth mom, Pam and knowing the full story behind this image:

shower scene

And that doesn’t even touch upon all the potential storylines we could’ve enjoyed in Season 2. Kay introducing Hailey to her mother played by Whoopi Goldberg, who happens to also be a lesbian afraid of commitment, for instance. I can imagine a storyline where Dennah and Gil try to convince Kay to delete her Boobr account once and for all. Before she does, Kay sets up one last date with a girl, which ultimately turns out to be with Hailey who, as it turns out, is also feeling overwhelmed by commitment. And of course there is Kay and Hailey’s pivotal “first fight” which will be an epic battle over Kay’s lingerie lamp after Hailey officially moves in. The possibilities are endless! Not to mention the myriad of funny facial expressions.

What_ 2

Alas, we will have to be satisfied with the hilarious moments we’ve gotten to spend with Kay so far, such as the time she couldn’t stay way from her ex-gf the butcher, or when she got sucked into a Law and Order wormhole and lost all sense of time. I’ll always appreciate the way Kay can effortlessly break into Salt-N-Peppa’s “Push it” in a pinch and feel completely comfortable checking out a woman’s breasts even when there is a child’s head attached to it. Oh Kay, your show may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.