“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (11.24): Loud. Scary. Free. Content

The Grey’s Anatomy finale picks up right were we left off last week, with April standing on a flatbed tow truck like a boss alongside her patient, Keith. Keith is still trapped in the car, but April couldn’t bare to give up on the guy, so she brought the whole damn crushed car to Grey Sloan. The doctors all rush out to see and their reactions are everything from awe inspired to skeptical. Keith, of course, wants to know how Joan (played by out actress Heather Matarazzo) and the baby are.

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It turns out Joan’s doing okay, even if they are still holding her head on for her. Arizona notices that Joan is suffering from uterine atony, causing her to bleed heavily. Arizona and Callie will have to work together to save Joan from not only paralysis, but bleeding out. They give Steph the baby, and tell her to find Alex right away. On her way, she finds Jo, upset and so mono-focused about her fight with Alex that she doesn’t even notice that Steph has other things she needs to deal with. LIKE BABIES!

While an upset Maggie is on the phone with her dad, Amelia confronts Meredith again about the house. She lives there, too, so she wants to know when she will be getting the boot. Meredith hasn’t made any decisions yet, and things are still tense between the sister-in-laws.

Back in the parking lot, the firefighters are prepping to cut the top part of the car off, and Meredith tries to comfort Keith. He tells her about his initial fears about fatherhood and commitment, but how he grew to want it more than anything. As the jaws of life are prepped, Meredith warns Keith it’s about to get loud and scary but soon he’ll be free.

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As Amelia and Callie consult one another about Joan’s case, Steph starts to scrub in. That is until a very angry Callie bans her from the OR and blames her for letting the interns mess with Joan’s neck.

As Catherine and Bailey watch April be large and in charge, they comment on how much she’s changed. Bailey wasn’t so crazy about the old, chipper, neurotic April, but she likes this new crazy and fierce one. Richard rushes in and puts Bailey in charge of the scene, to get her used to being chiefly. However, that just starts a fight with Catherine, one that gets so loud that everyone can hear it even over the electric saws and machinery. Catherine takes off her ring and shoves it back at Richard. Welp, looks like the wedding is off again.

Arizona, Amelia and Callie all team up to operate on Joan. Before she goes under, Jo comes in to tell her that Keith is alive and nearby. This makes Joan smile, but then she starts to crash. The lady docs need to get to work fast.

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With the roof off the car, it’s time to use the jaws to cut the metal that’s impaling Keith. When they attempt it, Keith screams out in pain. April points out that this will only succeed in tearing Keith apart, so they have to come up with another game plan. They will start operating on Keith in the field, which is hella risky, but the only chance he has at survival. Basically, once the metal is removed, the docs will have to run like hell to get Keith inside and upstairs before he bleeds out.

In Lady Doc Central, Arizona is done with her part of Joan’s surgery and talk turns to the hot new intern. No not Eager Beaver—Andrew, the intern who failed to mention he was one. After some talk about boning Andrew, which is kind of awkward to go off about in front of your ex-wife, Amelia amps up the awkwardness by lamenting getting sweaty with Owen. Lady Doc Central just turned into a real drag.