“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (5.5): It’s Your Lucky Fae

Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of Lost Girl. Read the full episode recap here.

It’s Bo’s birthday! And everyone is giving her terrible gifts. Bo’s grandpa gave her the finger–literally. Lauren and Tamsin forgot to get her presents. And Bo’s dad got her a creepy mystery box. But, don’t worry, the doctor and the Valkyrie sneak off to buy her something special last minute while making veiled vagina jokes at each other in the process. So, really, it’s like we’ve been given a gift instead. 


Tam-Tam decides to buy Bo a magical stuffed pussy, which is supposed to impart its owner with good luck. Lauren buys Bo an ugly frog knickknack. She’s a brilliant human doctor, but a terrible gift giver. Well, nobody’s perfect. But then Lauren drops her ugly frog knickknack and jumps on the magical stuffed pussy gift train instead. Again, this episode is the gift that just keeps on giving.

But Bo is too distracted by the whereabouts of Cassie the Oracle–remember her?–to be too upset about her weird presents. Tamsin goes with Bo to check on her and what they find are the bloody remains of a very, very, bad blind date. Yes, I said blind date. Too soon?


While Bo tries to unravel where the missing Cassie and all the other missing Oracles are, her luck keeps increasing as Lauren’s keeps decreasing. Bo finds a lucky coin. Lauren burns a birthday cake. You get the picture.

Speaking of unlucky, that Little Shit of a Teen Wolf insists on remaining part of this show. Best just to pretend all of of his scenes are commercial breaks and go fix yourself a nice snack. Just be sure to make it back in time for Bo’s online dating profile photoshoot with Tamsin though. It’s purrr-fect. See what I did there? Oh, quiet. You try writing these.


Speaking of perfect things, this whole pussy storyline is pretty much the cat’s pajamas. Like, yeah, I know we’re supposed to care about this fake Faedate Bo is on with the suspected bad guy. But instead I’m just enjoying Bo’s drink lapping, self cleaning, shaker playing and stress panting.

So Bo is turning into a pussycat–with kitten paws, cat eyes, bushy tail, et al. It’s because of the magical stuffed pussy, which is transforming her info a real feline. So, of course, Bo decides the best thing to do is to drive a car blindfolded to find Cassie. I don’t make this stuff up, I just write it down.


Meanwhile, Tamsin and Lauren stop being passive-aggressive about their sparring for Bo’s heart and just start being aggressive-aggressive. Tamsin informs Lauren that something amazing is happening between her and Bo. You mean more amazing than Bo turning into a pussycat? Well, at least she uses her cat-like reflexes to seek out Cassie and the other Oracles. Too bad they can’t see her back.

Right, so, before Bo can go full cat-in-a-box, they trick Cassie’s cousin into sucking the magical stuffed pussy’s luck away. Yes, all of that was literal. And then Lauren and Dyson realize Bo’s Faedate was the second of the elevator dead bodies that disappeared. And the girl who swiped Trick’s ledger was the third. Normally, I’d be intrigued by the disclosure of all these season-arc plot points; but instead, I’ve forgotten everything else because Tamsin has walked into Bo’s bedroom wearing only a kimono and bearing a cupcake.


Seems Tam-Tam has gift-wrapped herself for Bo’s birthday. And, as we all know, unwrapping a present is half the fun. In the afterglow, Tamsin and Bo share a heart-to-heart about their feelings, Big Lesbians ones and otherwise. Tamsin knows Bo has been sad and Bo confesses it is because her father is Hades. Now that’s one hell of a post-coital processing session.






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