19 Bad Ass Lesbian and Bisexual Irish Women

Nikki SymmonsIMG_8470avia NikkiSymmons.com

The field hockey star came out in 2014 during a broadcast of RTE’s Second Captains sports show. She now works as a sports commentator and reporter and holds the honor of “the most capped player of all time in Irish hockey history and the highest capped female athlete in Ireland.” On Twitter: @niksymmons

Emma DonoghueEmma Donoghue Portrait Sessionvia Getty

The award-winning author of Room, Frog Music, Inseparable and several other titles has joint Irish-Canadian citizenship after moving to London, Ontario in 1998. She has two children with her partner, women’s studies and feminist research professor Chris Roulston. On Twitter: @edonoghuewriter

Mary Dorceymaryvia Facebook

A celebrated poet, novelist and essayist, Mary was awarded the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature in 1990 for her short story collection A Noise from the Woodshed. 

Shani Mootooshani

Dublin-born Shani has published six novels, but is also a talented video maker and visual artist. Her most recent title, Moving Forward Sideways like a Crab, was longlisted for the 2014 Scotiabank Giller Prize which recognizes excellence in Canadian fiction, as Shani now lives in Ontario. On Twitter: @shanimootoo