“Orphan Black” recap (3.7): Vote for Alison

Previously on Orphan Black, Alison decided to run for School Trustee while becoming a professional drug dealer, Shay and Cosima got closer despite not knowing if we can trust the holistic healer, Scott realized Rachel might be the key to the cipher Professor Duncan left them, Paul blew up Camp Castor, and Helena and Sarah escaped.

We open in a bar in Mexico, where Helena in a cowboy hat wins a game of dominoes, much to her delight.


She proudly gives the money to Sarah like a cat with a dead mouse, and her sestra orders a beer for herself and a water for ol’ prego. And also food, of course. Helena looks at her sestra’s sad expression and says that dierty Paul ended up being alright after all but Sarah doesn’t want to talk about it. She just wants Mrs. S’s friend Benjamin to get here with their papers so they can GTFO already. Helena isn’t planning on welcoming anyone Mrs. S likes with open arms, and intends to kill the woman for betraying her. And her chance presents herself sooner than she hoped, when Mrs. S strides in like a Western sheriff looking for a wayward cowboy.

OB 307-2 Howdy, y’all.

Sarah has to physically get between the two of them to prevent bloodshed and somehow manages to get her angry angel under control enough to hear Mrs. S out. Mrs. S admits to trading Helena for Sarah and Kira’s freedom, and wants to open a dialogue with Helena about her feelings, but Helena would rather just skip right to the fisticuffs. Luckily for everyone, the bartender leaves Helena only a spoon, though Helena looks at it like she’s considering how much force it would take to use it to scoop out Mrs. S’s eyeballs.

Sarah is trying to stay out of it, and the bartender offers her clean clothes and a place to shower, to wash away the horrors of the past and be ready for a shiny new future.

Back in Scarborough, Alison is practicing her speech for School Trustee while Donnie does his monitoring duties by taking her blood pressure. Because the DYAD still needs their cooperation if they’re going to remain free to deal drugs as they wish. Donnie tries to be supportive and high-five his kickass wife, but Alison’s too worried about having to see her mother.

OB 307-3 Not NOW, Donnie.

And as soon as we meet her, we can see why. Donnie and Alison go to Bubbles to meet Connie, who ignores Donnie even more than Alison does and makes Alison more nervous than I’ve ever seen her. Not uptight nervous like she was when she suspected more people of being her monitor than Spencer suspects of being A, but really, genuinely, uncomfortably nervous. She leaves the contract that would sign the store over to her in her mother’s hands and leaves, but not before spotting a Marcie Coats campaign poster on the wall of the store.

Meanwhile on the isle of Lesbos, Shay and Cosima are…playing cars. In bed.

tumblr_np46zn19zV1rgvfxho2_500tumblr_np46zn19zV1rgvfxho3_500Not a euphemism. But kind of a euphemism?

Before they can start playing with another type of toy entirely, they hear a knock at the door. Shay begrudgingly puts on a shirt and answers it, and knows instantly that the stunner with the French accent and killer hair asking for Cosima has to be Delphine.

OB 307-4Battle of the blondes.

Delphine says Shay’s name right back at her, to show she knows who she is too, and doesn’t try to hide the disdain in her voice. Shay tells Delphine showing up here is not cool but Delphine has more important matters to attend to. Shay says she’ll give them space to talk so she goes into the bathroom and runs the shower but listens in on Cosima and Delphine’s conversation. Which honestly could be either because she’s involved in the conspiracy but could also just be a girl curious as to what the girl she’s sleeping with’s ex-girlfriend has to say to her so urgently that she came to her apartment.

Delphine is here for a few reasons: To prove to Cosima she can still find her no matter where she went, because she’s worried about Cosima’s health because of her last levels, and to check out her stand-in. She gives Cosima a cup to pee into and Cosima shuffles her out, saying she’ll see her at work and to never come to Shay’s place again.


As soon as she’s gone, Cosima calls Scott and asks him to cover for her because she’s going to be late to work again. Scott asks about the book and Cosima snaps that he can’t show Delphine, but he was asking about Rachel. She tells him to ask her about it but Scott is (rightly) afraid of the ProClone, especially after Felix’s shenanigans.