“Salem” recap (2.9): Wages of Sin

After a night of ecstasy, Mary tells Dr. Samuel to burn all his doctoral findings because what she has to offer him is way better. He reluctantly obliges but in the process, burns the Mallum in his fireplace. Mary rubs it in Tituba’s face and has her dispose of Increase Mather’s maggot-filled head. Mary’s floating on cloud nine but she’s about to come back down to Earth very quickly—her son John is missing. At once, Countess Marburg is there to have a little chat with Mary about it. She says that by tomorrow night when the comet shoots through the sky, John will be baptized in some kind of bloody river of Hell. Mary begins sobbing big tears. She must either go to the Crags to baptize him herself or the Countess will bathe in her blood (like she has so many others).

SAL_209_3959.cr2Give me back my son, or this witch war won’t be fun.

In the midst of all this, the Magistrate (the new one), Mr. Hawthorn, comes in and tries to have Cotton Mather banished again. Cotton says he has proof of witches, and the men release him. We all know the Mag is just pissed that Cotton is with Anne Hale now. But Cotton says Dr. Samuel will attest to this: The Crags look like that of the La Brea Tar Pits now, only in this black murk, there is a portal to Hell. The only problem is Dr. Samuel is now under Mary’s wicked, sexy spell, so when they go to him, he says the Crags are nothing, they saw nothing, and that the pox is totally okay now. Cotton will take the Magistrate to the Crags to show him the truth himself, because he can’t fucking believe this!

In the woods, the men traipse over the dead birds, but the Crag is back to the way it was prior to Hell showing up. Cotton is like, “You guys, it’s the witches.” Dr. Samuel explains that his mind has been playing vicious tricks. But somewhere in that man’s little heart, there’s a glimmer of recognition—that Cotton is right—he sold his soul to Mary Sibley and now he’ll have to pay the inevitable price once she’s done with him. What’s up now, Doc?

Mary tries to reason with Sebastian Marburg about her son. Sebastian says he wants Mary, and that he’s super jealous about seeing her do the nasty with Dr. Samuel the night before. Dr. Samuel arrives just as Mary tells Sebastian he can have her. Sebastian is wearing a seriously fierce red leather cape/dress/man suit. Sebastian telepathically delivers Mary a message, and then she tells Dr. Samuel the truth: that Sebastian is one of her and that he can talk freely. It’s an strategically placed move on Sebastian’s part, but why?

Dr. Samuel’s eyes light up like he’s talking to his buddies at a slumber party—ooohing and ahhhing over the mystifying scene back at the Crags where the Hellish black tar was gone and Cotton was taken away like a mad man. Sebastian refers to it as “glamoring” (could this be an early mind-control feature that landed itself eventually in True Blood’s Bon Temps, Louisiana?). Sebastian tells Dr. Samuel that he’ll lead him to the woods for his initiation. Sebastian silently says, “You can’t save everyone.” Mary looks stricken, because she actually likes Dr. Samuel and doesn’t want him to die so they can go back into the Heavens of Cosmic Sex Land.

SAL_209_1425.cr2Two men, one Mary, better make a choice before things get hairy.

Anne Hale is finally able to read her father’s Book of Shadows. He speaks of an event that is going to suck, really bad. That’s because he’s not there anymore to teach her his ways and lessons (because she killed him!) His final words ring out, “Know you are not alone.” Anne puts her best-scared Anne face on.