“Orange is the New Black” stars on what character they’d love to play beside their own at OrangeCon

Last night in New York City, the first ever OrangeCon was held to honor and celebrate the fans of Orange is the New Black. The audience was filled with the lucky few who were chosen based on their social media submissions. Netflix hosted the event at a raw space in Tribeca that they were able to transform into a little bit of Litchfield. Bartenders offered prison hooch (actually Screwdrivers—hey, Big Boo!) from behind commissary pens. Food was served cafeteria style, temporary prison tats were offered, and fans got to mix and mingle with each other and their favorite actors at the autograph signing stations.

The orange carpet was packed with reporters, including yours truly, and of course the glamor did not disappoint. See for yourself!


While I wasn’t able to snag a chat with everyone in the cast, I did get to have great conversations with more than a few actors. As usual, the stars of OITNB are wonderfully engaging, smart and hilarious. I asked cast members, “If you could be any other character for a day, who would it be and why?” Here are some of their responses.

Samira Wiley (Poussey): “I’d play Pennsatucky. Well, first of all, I’d never be able to play it as amazingly as Taryn Manning, and maybe that’s why I want to play it, ‘cuz Taryn Manning is just so amazing. Pennsatucky is outrageous, you know? She’s from this extreme to that extreme and I just think being able to encompass all of that into one person, sounds so exhilarating to be able to play for one day.”

Lori Petty (Lolly): “I would play Black Cindy because she’s out of her mind funny. You just don’t know what she’s going to say! I’ve been doing this for 150 years, so I always know what’s going to happen next—not this show, but when you watch TV, you know what’s going to happen. Black Cindy, you have no idea what’s going to come out of her mouth. I would play her.”

Taylor Schilling (Piper): “I’d probably play Red, for sure. I mean her [puts hand on Kate Mulgrew‘s shoulder]—her strength of character. I think her strength of character and I think that she’s lived so many lives and she is a woman who is in charge. I love that about Red.”

Natasha Lyonne and Taylor Schilling
"Orangecon" Fan Event

Yael Stone (Morello): “I guess it would be nice to be on the other side: Caputo. I would like to see just how hard that job is. There’s a lot of paperwork it seems.” [laughs] 

Kate Mulgrew (Red): “That’s almost impossible. It might be Black Cindy. It might be Lorna, I love that part, I love the way Yael is playing it. I’d take a shot at any of them. Elizabeth Rodriguez has a wonderful part, Aleida. And I’d take a shot at one of the men too. Of course I’d take a shot at the men anytime.”

Vicky Jeudy (Watson): “Pornstasche! I love the way he’s creepy and he’s just in your face. He’s nasty, itching his balls. (laughs) He just seems to much fun to me. I like the name too.”

Vicky Jeudy and Ruby Rose
"Orangecon" Fan Event

Lorrraine Toussant (Vee) “I would probably play Red. That Kate (Mulgrew) has a lot of fun with those dialects and I’ve been to Russia, and I happen to really love the Russian people. They are passionate and she’s equally passionate as Vee is in a very Russian way. I used to have quite a lot of Russian friends when I went to Russia and we sat around doing a lot of vodka drinking, the white nights over fires and guitars, singing in the woods, and crying through the night. I love the Russians.”

Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy): “I would literally chose any of the COs, or the warden or Healy, because they get to walk out. They get to leave, I’ve got to stay there. And as fun as we make it, I’d much rather be able to leave on somedays. Just say, ‘Bye, I’m going. See you tomorrow.'”

Uzo Aduba (Suzanne): “That is an impossible question, and I’m not even trying to be cagey with you. [laughs] Because what I love about each character is so specifically and tailored to them, it just doesn’t exist in another. What I love about Gloria in the kitchen is not the same thing I love about Red in the kitchen. Does that make sense? They just possess so many things, that I love the counterpoint that exists within each character. I can’t say, ‘Oh, I love just this one.'”

Uzo Aduba and Danielle Brooks
"Orangecon" Fan Event

Diane Guerrero (Martitza): “I think I’d play Pennsatucky, and I always say that because I love her character. I love how I never know what she’s thinking. I mean she’s crazy on a different level, but you never know, she might be the smartest person in jail. You don’t know! That’s why I like her. I think I took a Buzzfeed test, ‘What Orange is the New Black Character are You’ and I got Pennsatucky and I’m like, ‘Hell yeah!’ So that’s me in real life. I’m scared.”


The event was capped off with the largest panel discussion I’ve ever seen. The seats stretched nearly all the way across the room, and the cast and Piper Kerman, whose memoir OITNB is based on, answered questions from the eager audience. Right at the end, Uzo got Netflix honcho Reed Hastings on the big screen to ask him to release Season 3 early and he did. That’s why we’re all exhausted today, amiright? Guests could stay and watch the first episode on the big screen or head home to get their binge on. Those on hand got to walk away with swag bags that included those awesome prayer candles featured on the S3 posters.

Check out this great sizzle reel to get a a feel for the excitement and energy of the evening.