Morning Brew – Ruby Rose to guest star on an episode of “Dark Matter”

Good morning and happy Friday! 

TVLine has a clip of Stef and Lena trying to get ahold of Callie on this Monday’s episode of The Fosters.

I love a good lesbian calendar. NSFW image at this link from Ms. but it’s a gorgeous work of art.

Speaking of NSFW, V magazine has some cool shots of Miley Cyrus and fruit.

In Interview, Ruby Rose reveals she’s got an upcoming part on Dark Matter, so now’s the time to pray to the Goddess she shares screen time with Zoie Palmer. Here’s what she said about the role:

I got to play with a toy gun and shoot people. That kind of thing has a lot of adrenaline and it’s very different from Orange. It’s really just action and I think that I would like to do that a little bit more—running around and driving fast cars and fighting people. It makes you want to be in an action film.

In the same interview, Ruby talks about the Stella and Piper relationship.

They’re very different, but it works. I think that Stella is more of a tomboy; she has a “don’t really care” attitude and is a lot more sure of herself. I think that attraction is based off the tension between Piper’s interior and Stella really wanting to find out that interior for herself, and maybe sees a little bit of a challenge there. Stella might feel that she wants to know Piper, but wasn’t really expecting an attraction or what was Piper’s end game. The manipulation [Piper] was doing within that time was much more self-serving then something that was going to be a long-term relationship or genuinely caring about Stella. It’s kind of sad. I feel a little bit bad for Stella.


A new anime film, When Marnie Was There, appears to have some lesbian subtext. From a review:

Possibly even weirder is the girls’ passionate (platonic) connection. Marnie is forever saying things like, “You’re my precious secret — promise me that we’ll remain a secret.” Intentional or not, an inchoate sapphic element weaves through the girls’ meetings. 


Sweetcakes by Melissa has to pay $135k to the lesbian couple they refused to bake a cake for. Spoiler: They’re not psyched about it.

Speaking of gay cakes, PBS has a piece on the rise of LGBT wedding specialists.

And with same-sex weddings, comes same-sex divorce. Texas was not allowing a female/female couple to divorce because it did not recognize their marriage (made legal in D.C), but now the Supreme Court decision could change that. Allison Lesh seeks a legal divorce to receive custody rights for her young  daughter with her ex, the girl’s biological mother. Now she’ll finally get to see her daughter for the first time in over a year.

A straight woman writes about loving lesbian porn. I really want to know what kind she’s watching.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a new exhibit from portrait artist John Singer Sargent and one of his works is of “Violet Paget, an Italian Renaissance scholar and writer of paranormal fiction who identified as a lesbian feminist and changed her name to Vernon Lee.” This portrait (c/o Tate, London) is from 1881!


Lea Delaria‘s new album, House of David, dropped this week and she talked with KPCC about starting her comedy and music career in the 1980s.

“That cultural movement was mostly, I have to say, lesbians with acoustic guitars. I wanted to punch myself in the face anytime I heard them. I heard these things and thought, This is the end of the world. I want to do something different.”

“Now the thing about my stand-up comedy at the time when I started — I literally did not perform as Lea DeLaria. I performed as the Dyke. Iwas so rageful, but I was also funny. So this crazy wild rage would be coming at people and after about five minutes they’d be like, Mommy make it stop!

Apple loves its LGBT employees and users. Here’s a video they made of their time at San Francisco Pride last weekend.

A new video game out of Japan, Fire Emblem Fates, has a weird storyline with its female warrior, Soleil. Apparently Soleil has crushes on women on the battlefield (faiting at the sight of them!) but “is only romanceable by a male protagonist.” Soleil asks this dude for help because fainting is not helpful in war. From Gameranx:

He ends up using a magical potion on her that swaps everyone’s gender, making females into males and vice versa, as a form of shock therapy. The protagonist does so without her knowledge, explaining the action by saying that the position wouldn’t be effective if the imbiber knew what was going on.  (She’d given him the go ahead to do whatever means possible to fix the problem earlier, so this serves as consent to his action.)


When the magic wears off, however, Soleil finds that she’s developed feelings for the protagonist in addition to her newfound bravery in the face of cute girls. She ultimately gets over her fainting spells while still retaining her new feelings for him. 

Yeah that’s FUCKING WEIRD and people are already upset about its promotion of ex-gay conversion.

This parody of dumb things straight people say to queers is super cute and may make you switch teams—from coffee to tea, that is.

Kids today are amazing. I died when the little girl yelled “Civil rights!”

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