“Chasing Life” recap (2.01): Back to Reality (Bites)

Previously on Chasing Life, April Carver was diagnosed with cancer, went into remission, then fell out of it again; April’s sister Brenna fell in love with a girl at school who moved away; April and Brenna found out they had a secret half sister named Natalie; April, upon finding out her cancer was back, sacrificed her job for her good-for-nothing coworker Danny; Brenna, not being a match for April, decided to be a bone marrow donor to someone she WAS a match for; Natalie and April’s ex, Dom started dating; and April’s boyfriend Leo proposed while April was undergoing chemo for the second time. Oh also, April’s grandmother was sassy, her mother was supportive albeit sometimes overprotective, and her best friend Beth gave us #squadgoals for the ages.

We open with a long-haired April (well, long for her) sassing everyone at the Boston Post, even going so far as to call Raquel a bitch.

Chasing Life 201-1 “Why are you talking to me?”

It’s all well and good until Dom comes in and says he’ll meet her at home and they start making out. THANKFULLY, it’s just a dream, though unfortunately it’s a chemo-induced dream and April is still in a coma. Girl, if you don’t love Leo, that’s fine, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get back with Dom the Douchecanoe. Please.

When Leo realizes April is awake, he leaves his faithful spot by her bedside and snuggles up next to her like a good little labradoodle. They cuddle and joke about medical tape engagement rings, chemo vintages and wedding plans, but are interrupted by a knock at the door. April thinks it’s her breakfast, but it’s actually Dom with a teddy bear.

He proceeds to be nosy, which results in him being the first one April and Leo tell about their engagement, even though that’s not exactly how April would have planned it.

Chasing Life 201-2 Smile through the awkward.

Flash forward (great show) to a month later. Grandma Emma and Sara are cleaning Casa de Carver from head to toe to get ready for April’s homecoming. April comes home earlier than they thought, though, because she wanted to see Brenna before she left for school. Which I guess is what big sisters are like, which is great. I can tell you it’s not what little brothers are like.

Brenna is excited to see her sister, and can’t believe she’s getting married to Leo.

Chasing Life 201-3 HI BRENNA. I MISSED YOU.

Grandma asks if this is sort of like how sometimes when you drink you think that trying to do parkour for the first time is a good idea, but April insists that this is a more logical decision than that, and drags Leo upstairs for some long-overdue privacy.

Grandma is surprised Sara seems to be so approving of this impromptu wedding, but Sara is sure they’ll call it off—the engagement ring is medical tape for crying out loud! Little does she know that right above her head, Leo is presenting April with his grandmother’s wedding ring. And it’s just her size.

Unlike her mother and grandmother, Beth is delighted by April’s news, and has nothing but admiration for the ring and her own two cents about the event’s attire.

Chasing Life 201-4 Still the best best friend, I see.

At April’s next doctor’s appointment, Sara comes rushing in; she is late because she was waiting for April at home, not realizing Leo was escorting her to her appointment. It’s the hardest thing for a parent to take about their child’s new relationships—even friendships—when something they’re used to doing is taken over. Plus also there’s a real ring on April’s finger, so Sara’s starting to realize that she might be more serious about this whole marriage thing than previously assumed.