“Manhattan” Season 2 gets a fall premiere date

The last time we saw the saw Abby, Charlie and the rest of the Manhattan crew, things weren’t looking too good for the folks of the Los Alamos Army base. The Season 2 teaser trailer set up a tense world where pretty much everyone is suspected of a variety of lies, betrayal and treason for handing over nuclear secrets to the Axis powers. Creating the most deadly weapon the world has ever known, carries with it a lot of suspicion. Abby (Rachel Brosnahan) a young wife and mother, torn between duty and passion, is left without her lover and confidant Elodie, who Abby reluctantly betrayed to save her family.


When Season 2 picks back up, will Abby continue to seek out affection from women, or will the prying eyes and always listening ears on the base interfere with her exploration of self? Her husband Charlie had agreed to grant her a divorce, but now that he knows about the affair, will he change his mind? The good news is, we only have to wait until October 13th to find out. That’s when Season 2 of this carefully crafted and well acted period show returns. 

Left to right: Olivia Williams, Harry Lloyd, Katja Herbers, John Benjamin Hickey, Christopher Denham, Rachel Brosnahan, Ashley Zukerman, Michael ChernusManhattan S2 Cast Photo Credit  Michael Lavine. WGN AmericaPhoto Credit: Michael Lavine/WGN America

Here’s a little bit of the scoop from WGN:

The new season of Manhattan will once again take viewers inside the world’s most secretive city where, locked away, the scientists and their families surrender their freedoms, compromise their marriages, and even sacrifice their sanity to end one war and usher in another — the Cold War waiting just over the atomic horizon — all while embedded spies and a climate of paranoia threaten to destroy the project from within. 

 Season 2 of “Manhattan” will premiere Tuesday, October 13th 9pm ET/8pm CT on WGN.