“Mistresses” recap (3.6 & 3.7): Three’s a crowd

The last time we wrote about Mistresses, we gave a prediction of Vivian being pushed out of the threesome between her, Karen and Alec. And by episode seven, that prediction came true–at least for now.

Let’s back up to episode six, where things seemed to be right on track for Vivian, Karen and Alec. (Although, I personally have never been in this type of relationship, so I am assuming they are on track.) Karen of course has some reservations about how this relationship is going to work and is hesitant on continuing the threesome. Vivian gently encourages Karen to talk about how she is feeling, whereas Alec is a little apprehensive about getting so touchy feely with the women. This made me laugh and roll my eyes slightly because it is a classic stereotype that the woman is encouraging communication while the man acts like he doesn’t have time for it. Are women more apt to want to share their feelings? Possibly. However, in this instance, it would make for much better TV if things weren’t so stereotypically heterosexual.


In any case, Karen forgets her cell phone in Vivian and Alec’s house and the door is locked and she has not been given a key, so she is out of luck and has to leave her phone behind.Vivian walks in, surprising Karen as she’s talking with the priest in the church before her volunteer position (as the church marriage counselor. Irony at it’s finest.) Vivian, so graciously, saw Karen’s phone sitting on the counter and thought it would be a nice gesture to bring it to her–and then kisses her on the mouth right after calling her sweetie. Much to the surprise of the priest, he tells Karen that he wasn’t aware that she was a lesbian and that there is an LGBT mixer that night at the church and she should come and bring her girlfriend. Karen doesn’t correct the priest nor tell him exactly what’s going on, because she isn’t even sure how to explain it without sounding crazy to other people.


Later that night, while Vivian and Karen are laughing about being called lesbians (annoying, but I will let it slide), they tell Alec they want to go out. They want to be seen and to not be ashamed of who they are: Alec is not a fan. After all, he is a well known doctor–he can’t live this type of lifestyle out in the public. Vivian says she will find them the perfect place to be able to be themselves and ends up taking them to a party she heard about in a chat room (do people still use chat rooms?) for other people in these types of relationships. Someone at the party warns Karen about being “the third” and watch out for getting her heart broken.


In episode seven, Vivian is out of town, leaving Alec and Karen left to try and figure out what is the right thing to do in this situation. Do they have sex now? Should we wait until Vivian gets home? Is this considered cheating if we do it without her? Clearly none of these rules had been talked about prior to Vivian’s departure, but it is obvious that they are somewhat glad Vivian is gone. Karen is more apprehensive about seeing Alec without his wife being present, but Alec is persuasive and brings her meatballs for lunch. How sweet.



While they are having lunch at her place, Vivian calls Alec and asks him what he’s up to. He says, “I’m at the office.” Whoops. Already lying–guess this relationship is on track after all! Kidding (ish). Karen asks why he lied and Alec has no idea. He decides Karen was right–he should leave and they will see each other when Vivian returns.


Problem solved–until they see each other at the hospital later that evening and suddenly are having sex in the supply room on top of bandages and gauze. Guess waiting until Vivian gets home is off the table.


I see the allure of this show. It’s juicy, the storylines are easy to follow and you really don’t need to watch every episode to know what is going on. However, you can tell the weak LGBT storylines are not intended to be part of the duration of the show, but to bring in more queer viewers–and probably more male viewers who want to see two girls getting it on with a dude.