“Mistresses” recap (3.8): To tell the truth

In last night’s episode 8 of Mistresses, Karen and her hickey (a lovely gift from Alec, btw), is feeling extremely guilty for screwing  Vivian’s husband while she was out of town. As she should! Vivian has returned from her short getaway, excited to be home to her husband and girlfriend. She tells Karen how much she missed her while she was gone, leaving Karen to feel like an even bigger piece of shit than she did before. Alec also seems to be upset about lying to Vivian, but considering it was his idea to lie to her in the first place, I don’t really care how he feels.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.44.31 PM

At one point Karen and Alec are on the front porch arguing about whether or not to tell Vivian, unaware that Vivian is watching them. At this point women’s intuition kicks in and Vivian is fully aware that something is not right.

Later on that day, Vivian drops by Karen’s place unexpectedly and the two proceed to have lunch together. This is where I get confused because last week, when Vivian was out of town, it was this big ordeal that Karen and Alec had lunch together at her place but then when Karen and Vivian are together without Alec, it’s okay? I don’t get it. Sure, the sexual tension between Alec and Karen is more intense (or so we are lead to believe), but why does it have less meaning when it’s just Karen and Vivian alone? In any case, I was shouting at the TV, “Have sex without Alec!” during the duration of that scene. It only seems fair, right?

What I like about Vivian is she holds nothing back and is not afraid to talk about things that are uncomfortable. Within two minutes of the lunch, she starts questioning Karen about what happened while she was gone. Actually, she asks what happened and then cuts to the chase–did you do it without me? For a split second I thought Karen was going to lie, because that seems to be the theme of this show–“Lets lie to everyone”–but I was actually surprised when Karen fessed up and said yes! Poor Vivian is crushed and rushes out the door, after she tells Karen she doesn’t want to talk and she just wants to go home.

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That evening, Alec calls Karen as she is downing a glass of wine and asks her to come to the lover’s headquarters so they can hash this out. Karen shows up at Vivian and Alec’s house to find Vivian in tears, asking Alec why he would do that to her. Alec tells the women that this is too much and he can’t do it anymore. He said he is concerned about his marriage and that while he cares about Karen, he chose to love Vivian and be with only her forever. Karen is crying at this point and now Vivian is crying, not because they had sex without her, but that they are breaking up with Karen and she doesn’t want to. Karen simply says Alec is right and wishes them well and runs out the door.

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Once again, no one cares about what Vivian wants! So for now, it seems we will go back to an all hetero world on Mistresses. Booorrrrinnnggggg.