Emily asks Sara to prom in a “Pretty Little Liars” sneak peek

You know how the old saying goes: Girl meets girl in a dungeon. Girl invites girl to live with her. Girl invites girl to prom. That’s pretty much exactly what’s happening in this preview of tomorrow’s episode of Pretty Little Liars.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the new couple, Emily is rather sprung on the mysterious blonde, and Sara even moved out of Emily’s place so they could officially date. Emily’s been feeling a little left out since Sara reconnected with her own little group of liars, whom she once ruled with an iron fist. (Every school has its Alison DiLaurentis.) In this clip, Emily tries to be super smooth and ask Sara to prom, but it doesn’t exactly go as she hoped it would.

We will soon find out who A is, so feel free to post your theories in the comments. I’m pretty sure A is just a series of endless masks of the Liars’ faces, but that’s just a hunch.