“Chasing Life” recap (2.05): Kiss and Tell

Previously on Chasing Life, April decided she wanted to be friends with her ex like some kind of lesbian, Brenna donated stem cells and then met him at school unknowingly, and April found out her dad was the worst so she decided to write the novel he always said she couldn’t.

We open with April and Dom on a coffee date like it’s normal, but even though he’s being supportive of her desire to write a publishable story, it’s a little accidentally flirty and therefore awkward. For me to watch, at least.

April then makes her way to Beth’s place, where she is informed that it’s time to start planning her bachelorette party.

CHASING LIFE 205-1I want Beth to plan all my parties.

April is excited, and while she likes strippers in theory, she wants to include Sara and Emma in the celebration, which is weird but sweet, so Beth agrees. They decide on wine tasting and dinner; Beth already spoke to Brenna, who understands that bachelorette parties were meant to involve alcohol, so she’ll take the night off.

At first, it seems like Brenna is bummed about missing the party…

CHASING LIFE 205-2Classic teenager position.

But really she’s excited to get a night off from the wedding talk. Ford asks her if she has any new public school friends, and Brenna admits she hasn’t made any, except she’s been talking to this one boy who has cancer. She started talking to him because she felt bad that the other kids were treating him like he was contagious, but she also recognizes that she feels this need to fix him so she’s not sure how genuine her own feelings are. Brenna shoves some pickle chips in her mouth and Ford suggests that maybe that’s why she doesn’t have any friends, and they both giggle like old times.

Sara finds Brenna and April packing up April’s stuff and the girls bring up the manuscript and the missing links in their memories of the last year of their dad’s life. Sara isn’t interested in talking about the past though, she just wants to enjoy her last few days of having a full nest.

CHASING LIFE 205-3I love Sara more every episode.

Sara is getting nostalgic and Brenna and April are trying not to cry when they hear Emma shouting. They go out in the hall to see Emma kicking her boyfriend out, claiming she’s done with him and ready to move on.