Samira Wiley would be on board for a Poussey and Soso romance

It may have been in the background, but many Orange is the New Black fans could plainly see the connection between inmates Poussey (Samira Wiley) and Soso (Kimiko Glenn) at the end of Season Three. We’ve been rooting for Poussey to find a lady love since Season One, but other things like her affection for best friend Taystee and Vee’s brief reign have gotten in the way. However, Season Four is in the works and it seems possible that Poussey and the very talkative (and very lost) Brooke Soso may find their way to each other. After saving Soso from an overdose attempt and embracing her as part of the group, Poussey and Soso may just be a perfect match. Wiley also seems to think the two would make a great pair.

She recently spoke to Bustle about the connection between the two women:

“Oh, absolutely. I think coming off of where we ended Season 3, they are both so lonely and they’re both delving into some self-destructive behavior because of it. … It makes a lot of sense that people who are going through similar times in their lives will gravitate toward each other.”

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As for Samira, she’s hoping big time that Poussey finds a little love with someone.

“Well, I hope there’s a potential romance going on between Poussey and someone. I’m not sure exactly who that person is or if that will be a thing, but I’m definitely in the corner of wanting her to find some love.”

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What do you think about a possible romance for Poussey and Soso? Or would you like to see Poussey with someone totally new?