“Complications” recap (1.09): Breaking Point

Previously on Complications, Gretchen was a bonafide hero and saved John’s ass when he traipsed off to North Atlanta to try and singlehandedly stop a gang ambush. Meanwhile, John’s many, many lies finally caught up to him and Sam confronted him about WTF has been going on lately.

Nine Months Ago

The Ellison family are all headed to the lake for a good old fashioned family vacay. It’s late when they arrive, but Oliver wants to walk down to the lake. Becky, however, is clearly not doing well, and she’s too cold and tired to do anything but sit by the fire. Becky asks her dad why she got sick, but he doesn’t really have an answer for her. Cancer has made Becky a bit nihilistic, tbh, but John tries to convince her that everything happens for a reason—even if they don’t know the reason yet.


It looks like John really did tell Sam the whole truth, because Sam is pissed as hell and wants to know what the actual fuck John was thinking. John tries to explain that he was tired of feeling helpless, and he just wanted to do something. Sam’s like, “Yeah, I totally get that feeling, but you have committed so many crimes! Like, all the crimes!” John’s all, “Listen, if you had any idea how convoluted the plot has been, you wouldn’t have been able to stop either.” Sam tells him they can figure this out, but they’ve got to do it together.

photo1“Honestly, I can’t believe you made it this far without me.”

John takes a quick shower to show off his hot bod, (Get it, Paige Turco!) before he and Sam discuss next steps. She’s trying to find a place outside of town for them to lay low, but John is worried about her job. They’re interrupted by Oliver, who can’t sleep because of all the police cars outside the house. Detective Fuckface is at the door to serve John with a subpoena to testify at a preliminary hearing for one of the gang members. It’s pretty amazing that the hearing is happening TOMORROW, considering the timespan of this show is, like, a couple of weeks (I think). The American judicial system is nothing if not speedy! (LOL JK)

LawyerSam is straight up pissed that Detective Fuckface showed up at their door with approximately half of Atlanta’s police force just to serve a subpoena. And also, she doesn’t think John’s testimony is even necessary in the case, but the Detective claims the DA wants a “respectable” doctor on the stand. The next day, Sam is still angry. She tries to do some extreme lawyering to get John out of testifying, but nothing is working. John tries to calm Sam down, because he just wants to go and get it over with.

Over at Gretchen’s house, Jed has officially eaten all of the cereal- even the flakes with crunchberries, you guys. It’s bad. Jed is trying to convince Gretchen to give him some more drugs, but this is not Gretchen’s first rodeo. They’re interrupted by Gretchen’s phone ringing- it’s Ingrid! Hey Ingrid! I missed you.

photo2Sweet motivational posters, girl.

Anyway, Ingrid is getting kicked out of rehab because she let a recovering friend of hers sleep over. Gretchen starts to yell at her, but Ingrid asks what Gretchen would’ve done in her place. Gretchen takes one look at the stray she brought in (Jed) and realizes she should maybe shut her mouth. Ingrid is still packing, but she’ll be over in an hour or so. Before hanging up, Gretchen tells Ingrid that Jed is at the house detoxing, so she can’t do anything to fuck that up.