Morning Brew – Michelle Rodriguez gets wild on “Running Wild With Bear Grylls”

Good morning! Are you nervous about the big reveal on Pretty Little Liars tonight? TVLine has some juicy tidbits and a clip.

Dr. Philomena Horsley is a research fellow at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (sounds fun!) and she is speaking out about domestic violence within same sex relationships.

Birthright has the option of a bisexual character who will fall for your female avatar if you want her to.

Suze Orman writes about mentoring Jillian Michaels.


A woman in Colorado allegedly attacked a couple, calling them “lesbian bitches.” I do not understand why this publication writes “domestic partner” in quotations like that, but it’s only insult to injury.

Rachel Brosnahan talks (briefly!) about Manhattan and House of Cards with Interview.

A lesbian teen in Texas just wanted to ask another girl to prom. Instead, she sparked a huge discussion around LGBT rights of students in her high school.

Cameron Esposito talked with SF Weekly about being engaged to another comic and how they avoid making the same jokes.

Ruby Rose used her torso to wish Jackie Cruz a happy birthday.

This week on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Josephine Hernandez got emotional about her bisexuality.

Tila Tequila has been confirmed as a guest in the new Celebrity Big Brother house.

Marie Claire details how the idea of lesbians earning more than than there heterosexual counterparts doesn’t really work out the way you think it might.

Orange is the New Black gets praised for having multiple relationships between women without fetishizing them. But did you see Ruby’s torso up there? JK.

Michelle Rodriguez was on Running Wild with Bear Grylls last night, where she took part in a parachute jump, traversed some cliffs and ate some mice cooked in her own pee. Would you? COULD YOU? What if Michelle asked you to?

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