“Chasing Life” recap (2.06): Wedding Bell Blues

Previously on Chasing Life, April and Leo started wedding planning, Dom douched around, Krysta Rodriguez put a mustard seed of doubt in April’s head about whether or not Leo thought of her as a charity case, Dom admitted he still loved April so Leo punched him, Leo had a best man named Frankie who was an attractive woman, and Brenna got single again but continued to be the cutest human.

We open in a church, with Voiceover April working on her vows. She gets to the part about Leo’s infectious spirit and realizes she can’t use anything that might remind her guests that they’re at the wedding of two Cancer Buddies. But luckily it’s just the rehearsal, and Uncle George snaps her out of it and tells her to hop to. 

Chasing Life 206-1“We can’t stay in this church much longer or we’ll all burn.”

When April and Leo get up to the priest, Leo brags about how awesome April’s vows are going to be because she’s a writer, and April makes the nervous face I make when someone says, “You’re clever, come help me with this.”

At the rehearsal dinner, Leo’s parents talk to him about his activism and “Robin Hood” tendencies. They offer him a job to run a division of some philanthropic organization, and Leo is bamboozled but says he’ll think about it.

April and Frankie help him think of pros and cons by basically displaying to him how different they are and setting the state for potential head-butting later. Frankie is looking out for Leo Classic and April is thinking of Leo Futura.

Chasing Life 206-2 If side-eye could kill…

Back at Casa de Carver, Brenna is complaining that a Maid of Honor has to do so much more than a best man, and asks about Sara’s wedding, which leads to them talking about how Uncle George was their best man but also Sara’s ex-boyfriend. Brenna starts to ask about whether or not it was a one-off fling but immediately regrets it when Sara and Uncle George look hella guilty. Brenna sticks her fingers in her ears and says LA LA LA LA because the last thing she needs is to imagine her mom and uncle together in any capacity other than having tea.

Chasing Life 206-3 Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to, Bren.

At the afterparty at Beth’s house, Frankie tells the bride and groom-to-be that it’s time for them to head home, so they say goodbye until the wedding.

When she gets up to leave, someone points out a rash on April’s back, but she says it’s just a side-effect of the clinical trial and shrugs it off. Concerned about Dom’s disappearing act, April stops by his apartment on the way home.   

Dom is shifty, claiming to be busy and clumsy and bowing out of the wedding. April is sad and confused but leaves him to his moping.

The next morning, Uncle George says her dad would be proud of her on her wedding day, but April is not so sure. She doesn’t think her dad had any faith in her writing skills, and she’s starting to lose faith herself since writing her vows seems impossible. Uncle George talks her through it, and she starts to get there, or at least the idea, but she still worried about it sounding like Leo proposed out of pity.

Later, when the girls are getting ready for the wedding, Ford (who is an usher) asks for forest fire eyes because of course she does. The Other Grandma shows up and hugs Ford instead of Natalie because that’s how well she knows her secret granddaughter. Emma says the two of them should get to know each other, because they actually have more in common than they might guess.


Natalie grabs a pitcher of mimosas and the two of them head off to bond.