Brenna gets a dose of biphobia in this sneak peek of next week’s “Chasing Life”

Chasing Life‘s Brenna Carver is a cinnamon roll—too good, too pure for this world. Not only is she a great sister and daughter, but she truly knows and embraces who she is. After transferring to a new school, and striking up a friendship with the kid she donated bone marrow to, Brenna is trying to make her way. A likely stop? The GSA, or LGBTQIA group—not quite sure.

In this clip from next week’s episode, Brenna is all smiles until the group finds out she’s bi, and everyone starts tossing out their feeeeeeeelings about bisexuality. The lesbian in the group right away says she won’t date bisexuals, while the gay boy couple feels the need to mansplain bisexuality, to you know, the bisexual.

Brenna tries to rise above it, but it’s very much like the queer prom scene with Connor and Jude in The Fosters: It’s so over the top, it’s almost a little painful. However, I’ve seen this kind of conversation happen in comments sections many times before, so if only it was but an over-exaggeration.

Hopefully, Brenna can educate these kids, or at least find a place where she’s welcomed with open arms at her new school.

Chasing Life airs Monday nights on ABC Family.