“Murder in the First” recap (2.10): Knock Knock

This week on Murder in the First, Jamie heads to court for the first time since her public outburst towards her wife, Holly, which was caught on video and uploaded for the world to see. (ICYMI, she was a little angry about being ambushed by her wife and her wife’s divorce attorney in last week’s episode and may have mentioned “Bay Area dykes” and “crafting.”) As she enters the courthouse, the media is there and going crazy about the video of her going off on Holly, asking if she is capable of concentrating on Dustin’s case while her personal life is spiraling out of control. Jamie seems confused as to why someone would ask her that, but responds with, “Of course not,” and heads into the courtroom.

Jamie talking to media


Once she takes her seat, the snide little prosecuting attorney, Mario, begins his speech to Jamie about how sorry he is that things didn’t work out between she and her wife. (We don’t believe you, Mario!) He then proceeds to share his views on gay marriage and says he has always thought the LGBT community should be allowed to be miserable in marriage “just like the rest of us” (which by the way I am OVER that phrase and, clearly, so is Jamie). Jamie smiles and says, “I’ve heard that one before. But what does that say about your marriage, Mario?” 


As the trial begins, Jamie is faced with the horrific task of questioning those who were involved in the mass shooting that killed 18 people, mostly Dustin’s peers who were still in high school. Reliving the nightmare of the shooting is difficult for those being questioned. Remember, she is not trying to prove Dustin’s innocence—he has already entered a guilty plea. She is trying to prove that Dustin’s life is worth saving from the death penalty. If she can show the court that Dustin had traumatic events as a child (including neglectful parents), she might be able to have his life spared. She is confident in the courtroom and doesn’t flinch even when the prosecuting attorney seems to be in control at certain times. When the day comes to an end, her confidence pours out as she tells her partner Aaron not to worry; she has things under control. OF COURSE SHE DOES!

Jamie in court


Back in her hotel room, Jamie is trying to wind down from the days events when she hears a knock on the door. I bet you can guess who it is—HOLLY! Jamie asks, “Are you alone?” 

Jamie and Holly 1

I think that was a valid question. Holly responds saying she is alone as Jamie opens the door to let her in. At this point, I am hoping they both say they both apologize and make up. Sadly, it didn’t happen that way. Jamie apologizes for her outburst in the restaurant last week and Holly also apologizes for bringing along her attorney. They discuss how Jamie gets so involved in a case that she is absent in life until it is over and it is not fair to Holly—and, for the first time, Jamie agrees. (Again, Holly knew this about Jamie from day one so I have no idea why suddenly this is a problem for her but whatever!As Holly turns to leave, she tells Jamie she will always love her and Jamie says, “I love you, too, but you are right—we just don’t bring out the best in each other.” They hug. Then they kiss goodbye one last time and Holly is gone. *sniff sniff*

Jamie and Holly kiss


The next day in court, Jamie is calm and collected. As Dustin takes the witness stand, Jamie begins to question him about his childhood when he used to go visit his uncle, six hours away from his parents. Flashback: Jamie went to his Uncle’s house and confronted him about the broken arm Dustin suffered in his care as well as talked to Dustin’s cousin about the sexual and physical abuse they all faced at the hands of Dustin’s uncle. Dustin is apprehensive in sharing about the abuse because he is ashamed, but Jamie knows what happened and continues to push him towards telling the truth. Eventually Jamie gets Dustin to share what happened to him as a child and gives her closing statements. Mario looks a little concerned that maybe Dustin wouldn’t get the death penalty but still has that annoying smug little smile on his face that I CANNOT STAND.

Jamie in court 2


We don’t find out if Jamie is able to save Dustin in this episode, but there are only two episodes left this season so we are getting closer to finding out his fate, so stay tuned!

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