“Grey’s Anatomy” processes the Calzona kiss

Well, we all saw the smooch. So now, in the grand lesbian tradition, the processing begins. A preview of this Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy features Callie (Sara Ramirez) telling Addison (Kate Walsh, in town for a very special, very hyped multi-episode crossover arc) what happened in — where else? — a chapel.

When last we saw the nascent lesbian couple Calzona, sunny Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) had laid an unexpected kiss on celibate Callie in the bar bathroom. After making her interest abundantly clear, Arizona exits with a beaming smile, leaving the bewildered but also smiling Callie to stare stunned at the stalls.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello has an exclusive clips of Callie and Addison discussing among other things God, hot peds surgeons and butterflies this week. As Addison worries that God doesn’t know who she is, Callie says her own little prayer:

Dear God, I need your guidance. I kissed a peds surgeon. I never thought I’d end up with a woman, God. I mean, not until lately. But that’s not the problem. The problem is the peds surgeon thing. She is perky and has butterflies on her scrub cap. But she is also hot — really hot. So, help me get over the butterflies. Amen.

OK, so the butterfly metaphor was kinda cute. But I still can’t help but be wary of how the Grey’s writers will handle this relationship. Jessica has proven lovely and likable in her brief screen time so far. But it’s not how the romance starts, but what happens next that really matters.

What has made the show so frustrating is that the writers are clearly capable of developing real and relatable lesbian storylines. For my money, Brooke Smith‘s “You Are Glasses” epiphany ranks among the best LGBT self-realization/coming-out scenes in television history. But then the Callica relationship ended in such a dishonorable, dishonest way with Erica vanishing into The Parking Lot of No Return. Lord, I still get angry/sad/homicidal each time I think about how they unceremoniously fired Brooke.

So, what do I hope for from Calzona? Well, first I would advise Arizona to avoid the parking lot at all costs. Hail a taxi, take the bus, rent a hot-air balloon, anything else. Second, this thing needs to last a while. No three-episode stunt. No quickie for sweeps. You owe us something substantial, ABC. Look, even Kate Walsh is praying you come through for us on this one.

And if — big if — we do decide to come back to see how this thing plays out, don’t think it’s all water under the bridge. This isn’t a simple mulligan. This is the hard road to redemption. Forgive? Maybe. Forget? Are you crazy?

So, will you bite on Calzona? Or is this whole thing spoiled form the start?