Ruby Rose stops by “Conan” to talk tattoos, “Orange is the New Black” and Justin Bieber

Model/DJ/actor Ruby Rose dazzled on last night’s Conan, rocking a 50’s biker style leather jacket and little black dress, as only she can. Like all guests, she took some ribbing from the late night host and even gave a little bit back.

Conan asked the rising star about her many tattoos and being compared to Justin Bieber. Ruby’s response? She bets Bieber gets asked if he’s actually Ruby Rose all the time. Nicely done, Ruby.

Ruby also admitted that not unlike many performers, she doesn’t like to watch herself onscreen. Also she had to bingewatch Orange is the New Black like the rest of us.

Did you know Ruby could fly? Well, ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration but she tells Conan all about her recent experience water jetboarding. I didn’t know what it was either but it sounds like fun!