“Rookie Blue” recap (6.8): Brother Mine

Previously on Rookie Blue, 15 Division was all up in arms because Holly disappeared into thin air and poor Gail has hardly had any screen time this season. Oh wait, no, that’s why I’m up in arms. 15 Division is up in arms because Oliver is being blamed for the bomb in the evidence room.

In last week’s episode, the man who sold the bomb parts to the dirty cop only thought he met with Oliver Shaw, but Traci found out it was actually Steve Peck he met with. So, this morning, Traci is understandably a little jumpy when Steve appears in her bed and slithers all around her room, looking more suspicious than ever.

Steve heads into the bathroom and Traci immediately goes for his phone. He catches her, but she comes up with THE MOST BRILLIANT LIE. She says her email was broken and she had sent him a test email. I don’t think I’ll suspect anyone of being a dirty cop any time soon, but sometimes I steal my best friend’s phone for mischief so it will be nice to have this TOTALLY BELIEVABLE LIE in my back pocket.

Across town, Santana pops over to Oliver’s for a visit and basically tells him that if he takes this really cushy job as head of security, the investigation will go away. It’s shady and icky but he leaves Oliver to think on it.

Nick finds Juliet at the precinct and asks why she left so early this morning like a puppy who missed his owner. He asks why she’s being weird and she confesses that she’s IA.

ROOKIE BLUE 608-1 “And my real name’s Patricia.”

Well that was the kick that broke the puppy’s back and he storms out, angry at her for spying and lying all this time.

Andy is 100% ready to get to the bottom of this Oliver thing, so the first thing she does is finds Traci and suggests having the man who named Oliver pick him out of a lineup to make sure it wasn’t someone else using his name. Traci says he’s already been handed over to IA, but just because she’s not ready to let Andy investigate this doesn’t mean she won’t. She asks if she can tag along on Steve’s murder call, and even though it’s not Bring Your Girlfriend to a Crime Scene Day, he agrees.

Jarvis leads the morning report, and says he’ll be staff sergeant until this all gets sorted, and Santana will be around during the investigation. None of this sits well with our favorite rookies.


After they’re given their duties, Andy, Nick, Gail, and Dov sneak into a closet and Gail says she’s in before she even knows what the plan is. The plan is to catch Santana in the act of being dirty, which will be risky, but Andy is willing to shoulder any blame because she doesn’t want to work at 15 Division without Oliver anyway.

Team Rookie breaks and Andy finds Juliet to ask about Santana. Juliet admits that she was sent to find out who Santana was working with, but she doesn’t have any files on him. She does suggest a good plan of attack though, and it’s called an integrity test. They just need to make sure Satana overhears fake information related to the bombing and see if he takes the bait.

Andy brings this plan back to the team and they decide the fake evidence will be a copy of Ted McDonald’s hard drives that were destroyed in the explosion. Gail can dig this and, like a lesbian who maybe reads a lot of fanfiction, comes up with the perfect cover story: Ted gave a friend a second copy and told him to turn it in if anything happened to him and he’s finally gotten enough courage to do just that.

ROOKIE BLUE 608-3 “Trust me, it worked in the AU Clexa-as-cops fic I read.”

All they need is a guy to be the fake friend (which Nick has covered) and a Trojan horse to leak the information (which will be Selfie because he’s about as easy to manipulate as a mouse in a maze of cheese).

When Steve gets to the scene, he meets up with Frankie Anderson, homicide detective. And Frankie Anderson is the shit. How do I know this? Let me count the ways.

  1. She opens with snark: “Take your time, it’s only a homicide.” Immediately in love.
  2. She is played by Katharine Isabelle who
    1. was on an episode of The L Word.
    2. plays Margot, the lesbian character on Hannibal.
    3. was in Another Cinderella Story.
    4. is adorable.
    5. was in a movie called Ginger Snaps that looks right up my alley so brb watching it immediately.
  3. Her name is Frankie, and girls named Frankie/Franky are always the shit.
  4. When you watch as much TV as I do, you can tell when someone is a one-off character (like the shady detective from last week’s episode) and when she’s a keeper (at least for more than one episode) and my instinct is telling me this isn’t the last we’ll see of Frankie.

So, as you can imagine, within 30 seconds of her being on my screen, I shipped her with Gail, who isn’t even in the same zip code, currently. She has so much swagger!

ROOKIE BLUE 608-4 “Gail Peck is SINGLE?! YES I’ll come back to the station with you.”

ANYWAY, Steve flinches when he sees the body and runs away to make a phone call, which Frankie and Traci both think is a weird reaction.

Back at 15, Andy and Nick lure Gerald in by using their best Gossip Voices, and feed him their fake story. Of course he takes the bait, and within an hour manages to spill the beans to Santana. Which is good because that’s what they wanted, but also bad because it shows how much they can really trust him. All it took for him to crack was one little tap with a ball peen hammer on his fragile ego.

Back in the car, Traci asks Steve why he’s being so squirrely, and he shrugs it off, saying the dead guy reminded him of someone he knew. But he’s still being weird, and drives them to a broken-down part of town and tells Traci to wait in the car while he sneaks down an alley. Traci starts to follow him and sees that the mail to the building Steve went in was addressed to the suspect in the murder they just came from and when she confronts her boyfriend about this, he just gets extra weird and spastic.

Nick picks up his brother and drives him to the station under the pretense that he’s Tom McDonald’s buddy with the backup hard drives. Santana listens in as Andy takes his statement and is obviously a little thrown. He tells Dov not to do anything with the information until a detective looks it over. Andy and Dov warn Nick and Gail, who are lying in wait at the warehouse.

ROOKIE BLUE 608-5When a superhero is called to duty…

Swarek finds Oliver in a bar, feeling backstabbed and helpless, and tells him Santana is dirty. Oliver isn’t surprised; it explains the icky visit he got this morning. But the thing is, right now he has two options. One is messy and right: Go through with the investigation to prove who’s innocent and who’s not, potentially deplete his savings account and ruin his career. the other is tidy and wrong: Gets a big fancy job with good hours, let Santana get away with it. Neither is ideal.