“Mistresses” recap (3.10): Framed!

If you missed last night’s episode of Mistresses let me just tell you, the ghosts of relationships past were upon us! First things first, I haven’t been covering Joss’ story line because her lady loving days are long gone, but considering her ex-girlfriend Alex is helping frame her for the murder of Calista’s husband, it needs to be mentioned!

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Calista wanted to catch her husband cheating on her so that he would get nothing in the divorce (which he filed for), so Joss offered to trick him into sleeping with her and video tape it so Calista could use that in court against him. AWWWW, WHAT A SWEET FRIEND. They set up a hidden camera in their bedroom to catch him in the act! Anyway, while Joss was all over Calista’s hubby in their bedroom, Joss started getting nervous that is was going to far (she didn’t technically want to sleep, I guess) and went into the bathroom to text Calista “Did you get it?” Suddenly the lights go out, Joss freaks out, runs out of the bathroom and the husband is gone! She goes down the stairs to find him laying dead in a pool of blood. She basically rolls around in it and then drives home to take a shower. Clearly Joss has never watched Law and Order. That was the WORST idea ever.

To keep this from getting too confusing and long winded (not to mention too hetero), Calista blames Joss for his death, even though she knows that Joss didn’t do it and even tells her, “I know you didn’t do it but I can’t go down for this.” As Joss sits in jail, Calista tells the police that Joss has always been obsessed with her and that she said “she would kill my husband to be with me.”

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When Joss’s attorney comes to see her in prison, he tells Joss about Calista’s claims that she is obsessed with her and how the police talked to Alex, who basically agreed that she was obsessed with Calista. Alex said their relationship was “fast, intense and impulsive” and when it started, Alex was with someone else and Joss encouraged her to break up with that person and they moved in together almost immediately. Basically, Alex is now working with the enemy to get back at Joss! I am hoping they bring Alex back, because mentioning her in the first five minutes of the show and then never bringing it up again is very disappointing. Hey, ABC, bring back Alex!

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In other crazy news, Karen is pregnant with Alec’s baby. Since Karen is saying it’s “all of their baby,” I will also acknowledge that this is Vivian, Alec and Karen’s baby (even though Vivian was no where to be found when the baby was conceived, but whatever!) As if this wasn’t complicated enough already, Karen tells April she is thinking of giving the baby to Vivian and Alec because her life is a mess and she doesn’t want to raise a child if she isn’t stable herself. When she goes to tell Vivian and Alec about the pregnancy, Vivian tells Karen that she and Alec are having problems and she is thinking of leaving him. I am praying that she doesn’t, because I can’t bear the idea of Karen and Alec being together and raising a baby without Vivian. I am not okay with that! Of course, Karen doesn’t tell Vivian about the baby at that moment, because now she is worried that the baby won’t have a loving stable home. 

Later that day, Karen goes to visit her priest friend at church and tells him everything. The priest is less than thrilled with all of the information he is receiving and tells Karen she needs to give the baby up for adoption to someone other than Alec and Vivian so this baby can grow up in a “normal home.” Karen, of course, is very upset with the priest and said she had hoped he would have responded differently, and that the only thing this child will know is how much it is loved, which is more than some kids can say. The scene ends with Karen coming home from the store with books on pregnancy and a bag full of vitamins—meaning, whatever happens, Karen is making sure the baby is taken care of.

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Tune in with me next week where we watch Karen finally tell Vivian and Alec about the baby and hope to God they bring back Alex.

Mistresses airs Thursdays at 9pm on ABC.

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