“Complications” recap (1.10): End of the line

Previously on Complicationshonestly, guys, if you haven’t been keeping up maybe just don’t watch the finale, okay? Lots of shit has gone down. I don’t even know where to start.

One month ago

Some gang friends are having a lovely evening counting their money and teasing leader Alvarez’s little brother. (First impression: I kind of want to join a gang. Look at how many dollars they have! So many!) They get a call from Alvarez and have to leave immediately, but Little Bro isn’t allowed to come because he needs to stay safe. That decision was a mistake, however, because almost immediately after his buddies leave, there’s a knock at the door and Little Bro gets shot. As Little Bro takes his last breaths, his unknown shooter takes all of the cash.


It’s the morning after John had his prison confrontation with Easy, and Sam wants to talk about the affair she had with Kyle (aka the worst dude). John is still really angry and not in a place to discuss it, so they argue. Sam tells John that the affair happened when she was grieving and she felt totally alone. John counters that he’s never stopped grieving. Sam wants to get through everything together, but John won’t talk to her. Instead, he escapes to the shed just before his dad, Gary, arrives, toting luggage he got out of John’s totaled car. Gary’s gun is still in John’s medical bag, so Gary gives his son another war speech about, like, holding your weapon until literally everyone else is dead. Or something. IDK—I kind of tune out the soldier stuff.

John goes over to Gretchen’s house and asks her to come with him to talk to the cops. Gretchen’s response is:


Gretchen’s like, “You’re hilarious, bro, but for real: keep me the fuck out of this. You’re the only one connected, as far as the cops know.” Gretchen’s is going to go take Antoine out of the surgery center, so John better not mention anything about her or that place. John agrees. As John is leaving, Ingrid, bless her little soul, threatens John. She’s like, “If anything happens to Gretchen, I will fuck your shit right up.” She’s so little and I love her.


John heads over to the diner to meet up with Detective Fuckface and his partner, Detective Fuckface 2, another white dude we’ve never seen before. The cops are ready to get down to brass tacks, but John is married to a lawyer and he knows that he needs to talk to a DA and not these idiots. The cops really want to know where Antoine is, but John says he won’t tell them until he has a deal. Detective Fuckface won’t drop it, so John finally tells them that Antoine is safe and being monitored in a medical facility.

Meanwhile, Gretchen is over at the medical facility trying to get Antoine out. She convinces the douchey doctor to help her transport him soon, but in the meantime, Antoine has been stashed away on an empty floor. Gretchen is pretty pissed about that, but the doctor reminds her that he could lose his license so he had to hide the kid well. He also tells Gretchen that the kid better be gone by Tuesday, or it’s another 25k and a forced sushi date with him. Charming, sir.