“Big Brother” recap (17.21-17.23): Week Seven

I get so emotional, baby—every time I think about Vanessa possibly getting evicted from the Big Brother house this week. A few things have happened in the past couple of weeks. For one, #SixthSense has ruled the BB house and the “other side” of the house has slowly caught on to their scheming ways. Despite their group efforts to run the show and evict target after target, those outside of #SixthSense are catching on to the power behind every single eviction. And they’re convinced it’s all due to one blonde we’ve come to know and love

With Clay gone, and the numbers stacked against her, this week had all the makings to be Vanessa’s last week in the BB house. But expect the unexpected, so they say. Come Thursday night, everything changed. Was it enough to save Vanessa? If you tuned in last night—you know exactly what went down. Let’s just say, this won’t be our last BB recap of the summer, yet. Our girl is still in the race.

SUNDAY: Nominations

As the episode begins, we’re shown a glimpse of what went down right before Clay’s eviction last Thursday night. Apparently, a fight broke out—well, technically, two fights. James and Johnny Mac are having a discussion about Clay’s decision to make sure the whole house vote him out, in the name of love. They think that’s a wildly terrible idea, but they’ll go with the house so as not to stir up drama with Shelli. Johnny Mac exits the room to go tell Clay the same, explaining that he thinks Vanessa is in Shelli’s head. Clay says, “Yeah, Vanessa has been acting sketchy lately.” He gets up and goes and finds Vanessa to tell her she should probably talk with Johnny Mac, because apparently James has been telling Johnny Mac that Vanessa is in Shelli’s head. “James is telling Johnny Mac,” he says to a very confused Vanessa. Wait, James? Johnny Mac said nothing about James. All he said to Clay was that he personally feels like Vanessa is in Shelli’s head. So, then why did Clay tell Vanessa that James is involved?


Vanessa goes and asks James why he said that to Johnny Mac. This isn’t good, because James knows something screwy is taking place. He storms into Clay’s room. He’s pissed off. They get in each other’s faces. As predicted, Clay denies he lied, and he’s amped and ready for anything. Meg tells the boys to slow their roll. Vanessa takes Johnny Mac aside to get to the bottom of it, and he assures her that this nugget of info is just straight out of his head, nothing that James told him, nothing that Clay told him. Now, Vanessa is completely confused. She and Johnny Mac go back out into the room where Clay and James are still going at it. She asks Clay to explain why he lied. Clay denies ever telling her that James was a part of this. Johnny Mac continues to just stand there saying: “I came up with it, in my own head.”

To make matters worse for Vanessa, she begins to assume that Johnny Mac is lying, too, only infuriating Johnny Mac more and more when he gets into the diary room later on to tell the cameras, “There goes Vanessa again,” as she suddenly begins to cry and beg for Clay to explain why this is happening. “It seems like you’re lying, dude,” she says to Clay with tears in her eyes. Clay acts cool, calm and collected, to a point that will exacerbate the other houseguests’ emotions. He’s just done so to James, so he’s about to do the same to Vanessa. Shelli, Becky, Jackie and a few others are sitting on the other side of the wall listening—but what they don’t know is that Clay’s clearly set up Vanessa, knowing she plays emotionally, knowing she would get the story so twisted that she pisses off Johnny Mac. He’s good, but he’s still out the door this week. Bye bye, Clay.

In the HOH competition, Becky wins everything: Never Have-Not (she’ll never have to eat slop again!), a big cash prize of $5,000, and HOH. It’s a bad situation. Becky’s been known to flip flop but we all know she’s with Meg, Jackie, James and Johnny Mac, even though she came to warn Shelli and Clay that James was putting them up on the block next to each other. Up in her HOH room, Becky tells her allies: “We’ll work with what we have,” grinning with excitement, referring to the morning fight. She says she’ll put up Shelli and Steve, but that Vanessa will be the replacement. She loathes Vanessa. Everyone is on board. But how will she get Austin and the twins to vote? James should know a thousand percent that Shelli will target him if she stays in the house, he should be able to see through how Clay set up Vanessa for public uproar—but agrees that Vanessa needs to go. Everyone starts to diss on Vanessa for playing a role in sending Jeff home, Jason, Audrey, and so on. What they don’t totally get is that there was a complete alliance at play, or that Austin was actually spared to send Jason home despite how betrayed Vanessa was by Austin’s lies, and that his mainstay in this house is due to the #SixthSense trying desperately to maintain their numbers (the number of people who will vote to keep their alliance intact on eviction night).

Becky tells Shelli what the plan is. Shelli won’t tell Vanessa what Becky said because it’ll put a target on her back—and she’s the one sitting on the block. Vanessa comes upstairs to try to make a deal with Becky. “I’m good on my word,” she says. Becky runs her hands through her hair and rolls her eyes. “Can we make a deal?” Vanessa begins. Becky immediately cuts her hand across the air and says, “I’m done with deals. No more deals, no more alliances—get out of my life.” The tension is totally thick now. Unwilling to even placate Vanessa with false niceties, Becky says she plays differently than Vanessa—“organically” to be precise. “I’m basic. Basic Becky,” she adds. Dumbfounded, Vanessa nods and leaves the room. Becky tells everyone in her group about her talk with Vanessa—making a mockery out of her and her “good word.” Vanessa’s allies seem worried for her, but they don’t totally know what they can do to save her. Steve says Vanessa is his biggest ally in the house and they made a deal from Week One. But if he wins POV, he has to take himself off the block and put Vanessa at risk and he knows it. Wednesday might be the most important episode of the summer yet.