“Chasing Life” recap (2.7): Bi and Bye

April tells Leo later that she didn’t know he wanted kids, and he admits it wasn’t something he thought about until he was healthy. But anyway, they have a lot to do before they’re ready for kids, including getting April healthy and traveling a lot.

Later, at Beth’s, April acts a dummy for her friend while she works, and in return asks Beth to go on a date with Pharkas to schmooze her way into a clinical trial. Beth doesn’t want to at first, but even April knows the refusal is just a charade, because Beth is the best best friend and would do anything to make April well again.

Chasing Life 207-6“And if you need me to kiss it and make it better…”

That night, April and Leo go to the Carvers’ for a real, home-cooked, not-microwave dinner. They’re chatting about their apartment hunt, and Leo mentions getting an extra room for a future baby, causing Brenna to sing about babies in a baby carriage.

April tells Leo that she’s worried about getting his hopes up about having kids, because she has to get rid of her cancer before she can even think about this. Leo brings up her frozen eggs, so April lays it down hard: She doesn’t want kids anymore because she doesn’t want to plan for a future she might not have.

Brenna calls out for April like an Italian restaurant owner calling for his nephew the busboy, breaking the tension and ending the conversation.

April confides in Uncle George about the fight, saying she feels like she’s holding Leo back, and that she knows she overreacted when he was just trying to be a loving husband. She wants to make it up to him, so she plans to turn their apartment into Italy.

The next morning, Beth goes on a date with Pharkas, who is still trying too hard, but is a little less slimy than he was in the hospital, and slowly wins Beth over.

At school, Brenna tries to say hi to Finn by adorning her cutest smile.

Chasing Life 207-7Would this shirt be in the “bisexual'” aisle at Target?

Alas, Finn is still hurt by what she said about not being attracted to him even a little bit. He kind of figured he was in no condition to be crushed upon, but it still sucked to hear. Brenna tries to apologize, but he leaves before she can get a full sentence out.

After school, Brenna and Beth help April gather Italian decorations for her plans to surprise Leo, including what Brenna deems a “creepy paddle” that has no boat to go with it.

Chasing Life 207-8 Brenna even makes Boston look cuter.

April gives Beth a bottle of wine to thank her for going on a date with Pharkas when Beth admits she’s going to a bar with him later, meaning they both have hot dates tonight. This reminds Brenna of Finn and she tells them about today’s disaster. April tells Brenna that Finn probably just wants to feel normal, so to just be real with him.

Beth’s date does end up being rather hot, as they end up in full make out mode in her apartment. She eventually admits that she asked him on that first date because her friend needs medication, but swears she likes him now. Since apparently Pharkas is no dinkus, he decides to stay because who would walk away from perfection?

By the way, April gave Uncle George the only copy of her dad’s manuscript and he up and shredded it. This likely won’t come up for a hot second, but when it does, you can bet April will not be happy. And actually, Natalie either.

Leo is super impressed by all the Italy stuff, and thanks her so much because it must have been a lot of work. April admits that it was, and that she’s exhausted now, and that she hates that she gets so worn out so easily. She admits that she’s afraid she doesn’t have a future, but Leo assures her that anything is possible, and he doesn’t want to spend their lives preparing for the worst case scenario. He knows the promises they make each other can’t be certain, but that any single solitary person on this planet, young or old, healthy or sick, married or single, happy or miserable, could go to sleep tonight and not wake up in the morning. All they can do is love each other as much as they can for as long as they have.


The next day, Brenna storms on into LGBT group and stands her ground once and for all. She starts throwing stereotypes at all the other kids. She points out how reductive and frustrating it is, and how throwing generalizations at people can be hurtful and just plain wrong.

Chasing Life 207-10So take your biphobia and shove it.

She storms out of the club, but not for good, just for a minute (those kids still need a few lessons from Professor Brenna) because she sees Finn in the hallway. She tells Finn that it’s not so much that she could never feel “that way” about him as much as it is she won’t let herself, because it’s not safe. Someone breathing on him wrong could kill him, and she’s not sure how far Ford is willing to go in front of him. Then Brenna loses points with me for the first time ever by wondering aloud if this is how Edward and Bella felt. I personally felt it was more like Ned and Chuck from Pushing Daisies, but maybe that dates me.

Chasing Life 207-11 I ship Brenna + that smile, tbh. You do you, girl.

The next morning, April happily leaps out of bed, not a care in the world, and then literally says, I’m not even joking, “Life is short, let’s have dessert for breakfast” before returning to bed and finding Leo not breathing in bed. She calls 911 but his life and their short month of wedded bliss is flashing before our eyes and April is crying and I’m crying and you’re crying and I don’t think there’s any coming back from this one. Leo, sweet Leo, the Robin Hood of Boston, is dead.

What did you think of “Til Death Do Us Part”? Did you learn something from this episode? Have you found yourself in Finn’s position of defending your bisexual friends? Bisexuals, speak up on your thoughts on the storyline! Let’s have an open and healthy discussion on bisexuality and biphobia in the comments.(I figured I’d focus on biphobia this week, we can talk death and mourning next week when we all fall to pieces with poor April.) 

Here are some of our favorite #ChasingLesbians scenes from this week: