“The Fosters” recap (3.10): Love will keep us together

Previously on The Fosters, Jesús went to boarding school in Rosewood and Jude was intermittently Out of Town. Mariana told Mat about having sex with Wyatt and he wasn’t exactly thrilled. Brandon broke all the rules and still won the Idyllwild competition #ThatsSoBrandon. Callie saved Rita from jail but sacrificed her chance of being adopted. This, of course, led to the spectacularly stupid decision to have sex with Brandon. Not for nothing, Brandon, but maybe realizing that you only look good to Callie when everything else looks terrible should give you a hint about the general idiocy of your relationship. Stef found out about Monte kissing Lena and everyone cried.

Brandon and Callie are snuggling in the cabin talking about how they have really destroyed her chances of being adopted this time (as opposed to the last dozen times). The moms are going to be really upset they can’t adopt Callie, but at least she’s got Brandon, right?

Fosters 3101

When they get home, Mariana calls the first shower which begs the question of why when they have one working shower in their house these numbskulls wouldn’t use the shower at the cabin? Brandon and Callie head for the kitchen, ready to face the firing squad. Instead they are met with the news that the social worker is recommending Callie’s adoption. Hooray! Callie is going to be part of the family! Too bad she just boned her brother!

Fosters 3102I really should have showered at the cabin.

Rita takes Callie out behind the woodshed for a quick discussion of her continued use of Brandon as a crutch for blowing up her own life so no one can do that for her. The recording saved Rita and she turned right around and convinced Carmen not to ruin Callie’s life out of spite. No word on whether that convincing involved throwing a baseball at her head. Everyone deserves a family, Callie, so maybe stop trying to sabotage yourself, mmmkay?

Fosters 3103And that is how we lost to Racine.

Stef is clanking glasses together and stomping around the kitchen and generally throwing off the WASPiest anger. Lena wants to cancel the party they are having for her parents so they can talk and process and mend everything. Stef thinks canceling would be rude. Besides, their parties are always such a disaster they might as well have one when everything else is a total mess because it can’t make things worse.

Fosters 3104 Everything is awful! Everything sucks when you kiss your boss!

Stef gets a call and takes it outside. Her doctor tells her that her mammogram was a little funky and they would like her to come back for another round of imaging. Nothing to worry about, no biggie, just come right now in case you have cancer. So, other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?