“Murder in the First” recap (2.11): I’m With the Bartender

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much airtime for Jamie in this week’s Murder in the First. However. we did get a glimpse of a potential new leading lady in Jamie’s life! First things first:

We first see Jamie visiting Dustin in prison, where she tells him she wants him to talk to her about what his uncle did to him as a kid. (ICYMI, last week she told the court Dustin suffered abuse at the hands of his uncle, which could be part of the reason he and his friend went on a killing spree of their classmates.)



Dustin breaks down and tells Jamie that when she brought up his childhood trauma in court, it brought back images in his mind that he had basically forgotten, and now he would be sitting in a jail cell thinking about them for the rest of his life. Jamie tells him that he will have time to deal with his issues and figure out who he truly is, to which Dustin says, “Who are you to decide that for me?” Dustin brings up a valid point, Jamie! Even though I think Jamie is starting to get attached to Dustin, since he is the only person who visits him. But like Dustin said, she visits “for now.”

In other news, Jamie is tired of hiding in her hotel room and makes her way down to the restaurant in the hotel lobby for some dinner. She takes a seat at the bar, only to be approached by a very cute bartender who asks what brings Jamie down instead of calling in room service. Jamie says apparently she hasn’t seen the news lately, to which the cute bartender responds, “I’m not just some Bay Area dyke teaching crafting in my garage.” BOOM! Basically the bartender just used Jamie’s words against her and it was brilliant. Plus I love that line so any time they want to use it is fine by me!



Jamie, of course, gets a kick out of her own line being used against her and they begin flirting. As Jamie watches the bartender talking to another customer, you can see she is intrigued with her. (What the heck, Jamie? its been a week since your break up with Holly and you are moving on already?) The bartender asks if she can get Jamie anything else and basically Jamie gives her this look like, “Why, yes, you can join me in my room once I eat the steak I just ordered.”  Yet we see this look and then NOTHING. Scene over. RUDE!


Sadly, that is all the Jamie we get to see this week but next week is the season finale and we are anxious to find out if Jamie gets Dustin off death row and if she got it on with the bartender!

Murder in the First airs Mondays on TNT at 10pm.

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