“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.10): Hey, buddy, no need to get lippy

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Jane loves to swing. Maura hates the fringe. Nina is a badass.

This morning, in a shocking turn of events, Maura is at Jane’s place (well, really Frankie’s place). Dr. Isles has schlepped half her closet with her to show to Jane. You see, they’re exercising one of the Top 5 perks of dating another woman–shared wardrobe. She is trying to help Jane find something suitable to wear for her condo board interview. Seriously, you two are still insisting on the “together, but apart” living arrangements? Think of all the “roommate” jokes the show is missing out on.


Jane keeps vetoing outfits. Too demure. Too fantasy suite date on The Bachelor. Frankie yells from the bathroom that Jane should listen to her girlfriend because she always looks great. It’s funny because it’s true. Maura finally pulls out a yellow sleeveless number she calls “friendly and approachable.”

Jane thinks it’s too Big Bird chic, but Maura calls it warm and inviting. Jane relents, because even she recognizes her girlfriend’s obvious superior fashion acumen. When she returns she looks every bit the butch forced to dress up for a family reunion. Maura tries to reassure her that it’s “sophisticated with just a dash of va-voom.” Aw, just go ahead and tell her she is gorgeous again, Maura. You know you want to.


Though, considering how well it shows off Jane’s Va and Vooms, Maura confirms that the condo is already hers. And by “condo,” she means her heart–and also her lady parts. The signature, synchronized phone calls from the office cuts short their obvious flirting, but then to cover their tracks from Frankie’s snooping they sneak out once he is finally done attending to his manscaping.

Korsak is already on the scene, and offers up the sophisticated and va-voom platitudes that Maura texted him to say to Jane. She and her Big Bird dress are on to him immediately. So he admits he is just trying to be supportive of their relationship. Maura, however, has other pressing matters at hand. Like where Jane keeps her gun in that dress? Jane tells her, “Oh, don’t ask,” with a chuckle. Don’t worry, the look on Maura’s face says she’s going to find it herself later.


The victim of the week was a show dog enthusiast who appears to have been attacked by her own show dog. Korsak remains unconvinced and spars with the animal control officer on scene who calls him a “dog lover,” like it’s an insult. Don’t worry, Korsak, the angry lesbian army has your back on this one. Leave no dog or cat behind.

At the Dirty Robber, Mama Rizzoli is plying Frankie and Nina with her famous Sloppy Joe’s. But, really, they’re a tactic to get Frankie to talk about how his co-habitation with big sis Jane is going. Francesco Jr. (or Francis Jr.—who knows at this point), doesn’t take the bait to try to avoid a family drama. So instead he just stuffs his face with delicious childhood nostalgia. Dammit, now I’m hungry for Sloppy Joe’s. Hell, I’d crack under Mama R’s interrogation after just one onion ring.