The Worst Lesbian and Bisexual TV Characters of 2015…so far

Charlie (Supernatural)Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.38.54 PM

Charlie, this isn’t about you, because you are the cinnamon roll or all cinnamon rolls. Charlie ends up on this list because of literal character assignation and the way she was used as a plot device for the male characters on the show to have some emotional breakthroughs. Must. Need. Dead. Woman. To. Avenge. Nope. The powers that be over at Supernatural know why we are so disappointed with them, and they got a big ol’ taste of it at Comic-Con. Charlie was this wondrous bright spot in a show that often goes very dark. Having her sacrifice her life for the Winchester brothers was not befitting such a once great character.

Lizzy (One Big Happy)One Big Happy - Season Pilotvia NBC

We all wanted One Big Happy to be better. For a show written and produced by two lesbians, having the show’s leading lady lezzie Lizzy spend a majority of her time chasing around her best male friend and baby daddy was just boring. Did this show even pass the Bechdel test? My heart aches for Elisha Cuthbert who is so great and funny, and had to labor through this unfunny and tired role. Why, One Big Happy, why? You could have been so great, but you decided to play safe and thus robbed us of a joke cracking, adorable lesbian character full of possibility.

Julie and Nikki (The Returned)Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.42.29 PM

Ugh, how did something so right go so wrong? The French version of The Returned was so good, and even as the American version tried to be true to the original, something got lost in translation. The queer couple on A&E’s The Returned were so dull. So so dull. Wooden acting from actresses we love smacks of a bigger problem. This show just didn’t have the passion and spirit of the original. Even a steamy makeout scene and cop uniforms did little to redeem these lifeless characters.