The Worst Lesbian and Bisexual TV Characters of 2015…so far

The Angry Lesbians (Louie)Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.44.06 PM

I’m furious about this. No, but seriously—this trope is so played out it’s exhausting. Lesbians are not angry monsters, unless you fuck with our favorite characters on television. Then it’s like the wrath of a thousand fiery suns.

Jaysene (Hart of Dixie)Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.46.11 PM

Dear TeeVee writers, please don’t bring on a lesbian character, slap some flannel on her and call it a day—especially if she’s is adorable, and a firefighter. You robbed us of so much goodness between Crickett and Jaysene, most of their interactions happening off-screen, that I can’t in good conscious let this slide. Jaysene might have well been a ghost-girlfriend, and not in a sexy True Blood kinda way. Sincerely, Dana (Ms. Piccoli if you’re nasty.)

Tara (The Walking Dead)Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.48.21 PM

Seriously, did Tara get eaten in the last season? We’ve seen so little of her that she could be fertilizer by now and we wouldn’t know. (Actually, she is alive, but only after being nearly mortally injured and spending a majority of the season off camera.) Tara is plucky as hell, but we are treated to so little of her character, it’s hard to remember she even exists. Also, when it comes to potential romance, we are probably out of luck. It’s hard enough to find a date now, let alone when 99% of the population is dead or the undead.

Kalinda (The Good Wife)The Good Wifevia CBS

Damnit, Kalinda, what did they do to you! It hurts me most of all to include Kalinda on this list, but this once fierce and fabulous character went from being top dog to practically puppy-ized in her final season. The drama behind the scenes didn’t help (and neither did this interview with Michelle and Robert “Josh wasn’t really killed” King). For a time, Kalinda was one of the best bisexual characters to ever grace the small screen, but with her ties cut to Alicia and their chemistry filled friendship, she kind of bounced around aimlessly for the last couple seasons. It’s not a surprise that Archie Panjabi wanted to move on, and who could blame her? Kalinda deserved better and so did the rest of us.

Okay, so who do you think were the worst lesbian and bi characters on television this year?