Dianna Agron on the different looks she sports for three queer roles

Most people can agree that Dianna Agron is a natural beauty. The actress recently talked with PopSugar about her skincare routine and why she can’t wait to turn 30 this year, but also shared some intel on her recent queer roles.

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“She was all about the lash. Loved a lash, loved an eyeliner, and mascara,” Dianna said of playing Quinn on Glee. “Probably the most prissy character that I’ve ever played. [Now I am] playing characters who are more and more natural, more real—so nothing is as feminine.”


Dianna was asked about her upcoming role as a tomboyish lesbian in Hollow in the Land, telling the site her look will be much different from Quinn Fabray:

“I lived this life that is very experiential. I love to travel, I love to talk to different people, I’ve had many different experiences in my life that I can draw from for films and roles and things. It’s not dissimilar to my own life, but it’s not similar to my own life — its just finding a balance. And that’s the wonderful thing about acting: you can draw on experiences that you’ve had, but then at the same time you can turn it into something that is so different than anything you’ve ever experienced. I love that about being given the opportunity to do something different.”

And if you’ve seen her in Bare, another queer role, you know glamour is not a part of the wardrobe, although she did wear some very sexy outfits for her scenes at the strip club. Still, Dianna said she didn’t “prep her body” in anyway.

“I was very communicative with our director,” Dianna said. “I knew they didn’t want to film anything in a gratuitous way, everything was going to be very art house—in and out of focus. I was very comfortable with all of that.

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Dianna is as fearless as she is stunning, saying she’d change anything about her appearance for the right role: “I’m very unafraid to do anything. I’ve had my hair red, brown, pink, short, long–whatever. I’d go bald for the right role.”

She’d rock that look, too. I already know.