“Rookie Blue” recap (6.9): Frankie, my dear, I don’t give a damn

Previously on Rookie Blue, Oliver was accused of being a dirty cop, but the dirty birdy ended up being Steve Peck, who was busted for the evidence room bombings and arrested by his friends and family.

We open with Traci beating the crap out of a punching bag in her backyard. Gail comes out to tell her that there’s a heat advisory today, and also that she should probably stop ignoring Steve’s attempts to contact her from jail.

Rookie Blue 609-1 “I don’t like being a courier. Especially since it reminds me of Holly.”

Gail isn’t sure Steve is guilty, and she’s sure her brother has a good explanation for doing the things he did. It’s been a few weeks now, and Gail hates all the pitying looks she gets. Traci doesn’t feel sorry for her though. In fact, she’s not really a fan of any of the Pecks right now. But Gail didn’t come here to be insulted, so she leaves Traci to her mission to sweat to death.

At 15 Division, the mood is high because Oliver is not only back, but back in blue. Though he’s backseat driving the morning meeting, scoffing at decisions like putting Dov and Chloe together on desk duty and assigning Gail to push papers with new detective Frankie Anderson.

Rookie Blue 609-2“Ropes?! What?! Oh SHOW her the ropes.”

The overall mission of today is to keep the city from going insane from the heat wave.

We check in on a very pregnant Marlo this week. She’s going to a support group at the local mental health facility, Lakeview, and things go awry during the meeting. One woman, Sylvia, is talking about making the voices in her head stop when someone outside the room gets stabbed, causing a commotion. Swarek gets the call and Andy agrees to come with him even though it’s weird.

No one saw the stabbing, and the victim has schizophrenia, but with no history of violence. Also at Lakeview is Sadie, a former frequenter of 15 Division. She’s a little twitchy, but offers to help Swarek in any way she can.

Andy talks to the group leader, who admits that everything has been a little crazier these past few months for some reason.

Rookie Blue 609-3“Is there any way we can pin that on Marlo?”

That’s when Marlo notices that Sylvia is missing and based on what she was rambling about before the chaos hit, it’s pretty imperative that they find her and her husband immediately.

Back at the precinct, Chloe and Dov are off to a rough start, but Chloe is doing her best to Chloe through the awkward.

Rookie Blue 609-4 “Could you please Get your head out of your ass? It’s not a hat.”

On the way to find Sylvia, Marlo chats with Andy about hating the stigma of bipolar disorder, that no one seems to understand that it’s a disease she has that’s out of her control. She’s liking Intelligence, but she wishes people were more sympathetic. Lucky for her, even though Marlo is carrying her fiance’s baby, Andy is adorable and sweet about the whole situation.

At 15, Frankie is being weird with Gail, and honestly she’s being a little mean but it’s hard to focus on that when she’s saying things like “out of that uniform” and mentioning Gail’s chest. But mostly she’s giving Gail a hard time about being Steve’s sister, saying the Peck Police Dynasty has fallen.

Rookie Blue 609-5“That’s my way of calling you a princess.”

Gail tells Frankie she doesn’t need to like her, Gail is fine on her own, she doesn’t need anyone else’s trust. Frankie doesn’t believe a word she says about all that, but lets it go.