“Rookie Blue” recap (6.9): Frankie, my dear, I don’t give a damn

When Marlo and Andy get to Sylvia’s apartment, she isn’t there. Her husband’s new pregnant girlfriend is, though. After talking to them a bit, they find out Sylvia dropped a cat at their apartment this morning, and Marlo knows this means she’s going to kill herself.

Gerald and Nick find a guy having an OD seizure at the mental health facility, they realize that there’s a drug problem in the clinic. Nick asks about the staff, but the group leader points a finger at Sadie instead.  

At 15, Frankie tells Gail to come work for homicide and toughen up. They spar with their words for a bit, Frankie not even close to being intimidated by Gail, and Gail calls her insufferable. Frankie says takes one to know one.

Rookie Blue 609-6 And guess what, I know you’re a lesbian.

Gail says Frankie doesn’t know her or her brother and to kindly leave her alone, but that makes Frankie spring up and get in Gail’s space. She’s known Steve for years and worked closely with him and now everything they’ve ever done together is being called into question. In more ways than one.

Then Frankie lets it fly that Steve tried to set them up once because he thought they would be a good match. Gail and I make the same face.


Frankie jokes about dodging a bullet and then talks about how lately she’s been in a pattern of meeting women who laugh, have the best sex of their lives, get jealous, develop inferiority complexes, get their hearts broken, and leave. While she is saying these things, Gail’s eyes slowly scan Frankie head to toe.

When Frankie stalks off, Gail has no words, and neither do I. It’s so rare that I wish for someone to play for my team and it turns out they actually do. It’s a beautiful thing when it happens.

In less gay and exciting news, Marlo and Andy find Sylvia on her balcony. They manage to get her inside, but she grabs a knife and locks herself in the bathroom while Marlo goes into full-on labor. Marlo refuses to focus on the baby she’s birthing until she knows Sylvia is okay so Andy kicks down the door and tells Sylvia to get her shit together because there’s a new human on the way. It’s stressful and there’s a lot of yelling and an almost-mishap with the umbilical cord but in the end, Marlo gives birth to a beautiful six month old and Swarek shows up in time to cuddle the baby everyone is happy. Except Andy. She’s just sad.

Swarek gets a warrant to check Sadie’s bag and finds out it was indeed her who was selling drugs to recovering drug addicts, which is why someone stabbed a dude for his money today. Unfortunately, their history together won’t help Sadie now, and she’s off to the Canadian version of Litchfield.

Chloe and Dov spent their day trying to help a boy who was worried about his girlfriend because he hasn’t seen her all day and she has asthma, which isn’t good in this heat. All day, Dov praised this boy’s relationship, because it sounded so perfect. Come to find out, the relationship was all in his head, and it was just a neighbor he fantasized about, who turned out to just be out of town for the weekend and is just fine.

After that wraps up, Chloe sasses Dov about his delusions, saying a perfect relationship doesn’t exist.

Rookie Blue 609-8 Just like a perfect wardrobe. We all make mistakes. Exhibit A, this shirt.

Chloe begs Dov to just get mad at her and let it all out, so he does, yelling at him until finally not being able to stand it anymore and kissing her on the mouth. He did bring up her shooting again which reminded me again of her blood clot (jk seeing her neck ever reminds me) and so now that things are going well for her, I worry even more for her life. Especially after Chasing Life traumatized me this week. But for now, things are good in Chloe and Dov land.

Gail goes back over to Traci’s house, telling her she understands and will shred Steve’s letter for her. She tells Traci that she’s a good cop, mother and friend, and that they shouldn’t have to carry the burden of Steve’s mistakes, echoing what Frankie said to her earlier. Gail says what Steve did isn’t their fault. Traci appreciates this point of view and pours Gail a glass of wine.  

Rookie Blue 609-9“Thanks. I want to have hate sex with a homicide detective, so I needed this.”

What did you think of “Ninety Degrees?” (Remember, Canada, keep spoilers to yourselves! Especially about the future of Frankie!)