“Big Brother” recap (17.24-26): Week Eight

This week on Big Brother: After Steve shocks the house and sends Jackie packing for Jury, he breaks down in tears and Vanessa, Liz and Julia console him. After the girls leave, he turns to the cameras and says under his breath: “Fifty percent acting.” Meg, James and Becky go through their daily Vanessa chatter—they imagine someone had to be in Steve’s ear prior to this eviction about Jackie. At that moment, Steve interrupts their talk and they basically ask him why he chose to get rid of Jackie. He says someone told him that she was gunning for him, and that she wanted to backdoor him. The group emphatically denies this, and they ask him who told him that. Steve gives them a sly reply: “If you had to guess, you’d probably be right.” The camera cuts to Vanessa inside, blissfully ignorant to the ongoing target practice the house is taking aim on outside.

17BigBrother10.1 “If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” – 1984

 SUNDAY: HOH and Nominations

 Steve frets that he’s lost the entire Big Brother show. He paces back and forth. In the HOH competition, Liz wins and celebrates privately afterward with Austin, Julia and Vanessa. They decide to rename the Sixth Sense to Austin’s Angels. The three blondes strike a pose a la fierce gun-holding hand motions in around Austin, who’s probably thinking about going downstairs and whipping up some scrambled eggs, or locating the blind spot in the BB house so he and Liz can get their groove on. Admit it: You’ve wondered if such a place exists within their confines. Liz talks to her angels about backdooring Becky. Vanessa is relieved and says later in the diary room that she feels pretty solid about Liz’s decision, considering no blood gets on Vanessa’s hands for getting out her sworn enemy and Liz brought up Becky’s name on her own, so there’s no way Vanessa will get caught up in a house fight again, right?

17BigBrother10.2Good morning, Austin.

Becky goes upstairs to talk with Liz, Julia and Austin, and promptly campaigns against Vanessa with a few eye-opening factoids, like the fact that she was 100 percent on board to go through with backdooring Austin. He asks if Vanessa knew about it and wanted him gone. Becky nods yes and he freaks out, as if he didn’t already know that. Fact: Julia also knew about the plan to backdoor Austin because right before they played in the POV competition, before Jason was put up as the replacement nominee, Vanessa, Shelli and Clay (who also knew about sending Austin potentially packing) had to talk with Julia to let her in on the secret, but they all agreed they couldn’t risk telling Liz until after everyone played in POV in case she tried to mess with the competition and protect Austin. It was after Austin and Vanessa had their heart-to-heart that Vanessa not only ended up saving him, but decided to give him a heaping second chance as someone who lied to her face. Either way, the trio is so taken by Becky’s insight that they begin to reevaluate their allegiances to Vanessa.

A little while later, Johnny Mac asks Vanessa if he’s going up on the block. Vanessa segues into some questions for Johnny about how he feels toward her. She says she’s under the impression that there’s some unspoken beef between them. Vanessa wants to work with Johnny Mac, but he says he felt bullied the last time they had a bad interaction, right before Clay left. Vanessa tells him that’s unfair to say—because even if Johnny Mac was tossed in the middle of that weird situation between Vanessa and Clay, there’s also the fact that Vanessa was, too. Her biggest mistake was assuming Johnny Mac had someone in his ear, telling him not to trust Vanessa. Unfortunately: Johnny Mac just plain and simply doesn’t trust Vanessa. “I don’t like when you cry and yell at people,” he finally lets out to Vanessa. She says she doesn’t get what his deal is, because she’s literally trying to pull him into an alliance and he isn’t budging, he isn’t interested, and he’s making it totally clear that he’s against her.

She goes upstairs to hash this out with Austin, Liz and Julia, and when she gets upstairs, she begins the story: That Johnny Mac asked her if he’s going up (true), and that when she said she wasn’t sure, that he got an attitude with her (not totally true), and that as the conversation went on and she tried to reason with him, he was just acting super weird (that much is true, but it’s Johnny Mac). Suddenly they spot on the HOH cameras that Johnny Mac is headed upstairs. He walks in the HOH room and asks if he and Vanessa are cool. She looks a little floored, that he followed her upstairs like this. “Yeah, why?” He says: “I don’t know, because we just talked and you walked right up here. It looks really fishy.” Vanessa brushes him off and explains everything is totally fine, so he walks out and leaves them alone. He’s no dummy though, he knows Vanessa is telling them about their conversation. How will they take it?

In the nominations ceremony, Liz nominates Becky and Johnny Mac. Vanessa is made to think the ball is still in her court, but, is Vanessa safe?