“Big Brother” recap (17.24-26): Week Eight

WEDNESDAY: Power of Veto

The big thing plaguing Vanessa’s mind is Johnny Mac. She goes back to him to try to smooth things over after their debacle. In the diary room, Johnny Mac confesses: “Vanessa is my sworn enemy.” So, we basically know that this meeting is going to go to shit. You know how in real life relationships, when you and your partner get into a loaded fight and one of you decide you’re too chill to handle this blow out, so you duck under the covers, or sitting/laying wherever you are, you suddenly close your eyes and sigh a bunch, and act like you have a very important nap to take, but you’re actually awake and just don’t want to deal with this heavy topic? That’s the shade Johnny Mac throws Vanessa when she walks into the Have-Not room and tries to smooth things over with him. He just wants to nap, you guys. Let him nap. To nap in the BB house is to avoid le shit.

17BigBrother10.317BigBrother10.4 “It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” – 1984

Steve tells Johnny Mac that he wants to help him. Does this mean that Steve is not so tight with Vanessa now? Austin and the twins feel Johnny Mac is being way too mopey and angry, and it’s annoying. Vanessa tells them she’s tried repeatedly to bring him into the fold and every time he shuts her down. To get down to the bottom of all of this, Liz and Austin have a chat with Johnny Mac, who tells them what she talked to him about. They’re stunned because it doesn’t quite match the explanations she gave them when she ran up to HOH. “Whoever gets Vanessa’s eviction is, like *fist pumps in the air* a God,” says Johnny Mac. Liz says in the diary room that so many people keep mentioning Vanessa’s shady ways, so now she’s thoroughly confused about what to do. Austin calls Vanessa a “word spinster” and openly says in front of Johnny Mac, “I know people think we’re close but that’s changed.”

Vanessa isn’t picked to play in the POV competition, which is bad for her game if anyone else wins and wants to take either Becky or Johnny Mac off the block—which essentially will only be up to Becky, Johnny Mac, or Liz if she’s after Vanessa now. Johnny Mac says he’ll throw it to Austin, which is CRAZY. Reminder: Dude’s on the block, so the fact that he’s willing to throw his only chance of saving himself from possible eviction—for the initiatory gain of forming trust between himself and Austin/the twins is utterly wild. If you’ve been confused about what’s happening, to really simplify this down: Basically Vanessa is being kicked out of her alliance on the sly, while simultaneously trying her best to smooth rough edges with players she wants in her alliance with her, and instead of that actually happening, that player she wants to work with is joining her alliance, but leaving her in the dust. OMG is Johnny Mac the new Vanessa? It’s literally the best sounding plot line for a high school teen drama about a popular clique. I’m half-expecting Johnny Mac and Becky to douse Vanessa in pig’s blood at prom. (There is no BB prom, sorry.)

It’s our favorite BB legend, Otev! He’s a funny singing character who shows up for POV at this point in every season. (Get it? His name is Veto spelled backwards.) He looks like a real life emoji. One season he was a sad beaver, and it was adorable. The point of the competition is to listen to him sing about evicted houseguests, identify who it must be, and then bring him back the correct name on a stick of butter. In the end, Liz wins POV. Vanessa has a nervous talk with Austin about what Liz may possible do. He goes and tells Liz about their talk, assuming Vanessa’s freaked because in a way, she still doesn’t trust Austin and knows he’s in Liz’s ear. “She’ll do whatever it takes,” he points out.

Liz is pretty pissed about this insinuation because Liz rules the house, right? Everyone is cabin fever high at this point—the energy is depleting like a punctured balloon. Vanessa and Steve talk. She says, “Steve: I’m sad.” He asks her what’s up and she admits that she is totally lonely and doesn’t feel she has anyone on her side anymore. “I’m so lonely, I feel like I’m on the block,” she lets out. Liz walks out and asks her, “Aww, why are you crying?” Vanessa begins to explain it to her. But we cut to Liz’s diary room confession later, in which she says, “Vanessa says she feels like the fourth wheel. She’s always playing the victim. I’ve seen the tears before. C’mon, enough of the show!”

Liz tells Austin about Vanessa’s latest episode. “She’s the most annoying bitch, ever,” she blurts out. Damn! Everyone’s been comparing Vanessa to Audrey, who was known to put on theatrical tears, too. Liz says she’s looking out for Austin (more than her own twin Julia?) He asks why the team isn’t working—maybe he’s still torn up about how this Vanessa fallout became so real. Liz says it’s because Vanessa starting bugging out hard. “Go cry in Jury,” Liz adds. She’s convinced somehow that Vanessa is gunning for Austin. This is problematic because it’s the result of Becky being in her ear. If Vanessa were after Austin, she would have gotten rid of him instead of Jason weeks ago, but didn’t she know that others were onto Austin and that she didn’t want his blood on her hands? The same might be evident here: Even though Austin and the twins are over Vanessa, they may not put her up on the block and backdoor her because she’s such a huge target in this house, surely someone will get her out next week and it won’t have to be them. Anyway, it’s all weird and twisted inside out, because last time we checked, Vanessa wanted one person out and one person only: Becky.

Vanessa’s girlfriend Mel tweeted this week that Vanessa was supposed to surprise her with something—and eager Twitter fans were there to answer some questions Mel had when she missed snippets of the BB Livefeed. Apparently, one person said Vanessa was attempting to have production use money from her stipend to send Mel flowers. Despite all her loneliness in this game right now, it’s sweet to see Vanessa being so considerate of her relationship and we’re rooting for Mel to hang in there—despite Vanessa being the house’s latest pariah.

In the Veto meeting, Liz sticks to her original plan and chooses not to use the Veto on Becky or Johnny Mac. Becky later emotes that Liz is clearly afraid of Vanessa and played it safe for a reason. It’s hard to say where Johnny Mac stands, but Austin notices that his face is full of rage, and he keeps asking: “Why is Johnny Mac looking that way at me?” Something in me wants to believe that Austin still has a few tricks in his magic Judas hat. I want to believe that Austin is with the twins and Johnny Mac, but that Judas is a strategic motherfucker who still stands with Vanessa. A girl can dream of such magic.

THURSDAY: Live Eviction

Everyone is getting riled up leading up to eviction night. Johnny Mac and Steve are chatting more and decide to go up to HOH to talk with Austin, Liz and Julia and solidify their standing—that yes, they want to work with them—but only them. Liz says she doesn’t want to get Vanessa out this week, but knows that someone will. Johnny Mac says he’s wanted to be that person for weeks. Will he be motivated enough to win HOH and do the damn thing? So now, a new alliance is born. Did anyone catch their new name? At the time of inception, Steve was trying to use the first letters of their name, but SLAJJ isn’t going to work with me.

Becky gives her last-ditch effort speech up in HOH to try to convince Liz to keep her. But, when she was giving her speech prior to the Veto meeting on Wednesday, she said a few things that made Austin’s ears flap open. She acted like they owed her safety because if not, she would come after them. Not realizing her abrasive ultimatum came out more like a plain threat, she is bubbling with words she clearly didn’t plan out in her head (Becky’s organic, guys). She says she is true to her word, and that when she talks about taking out a target, she doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. She says if they keep her, she’ll get Vanessa out for them. They give her a look, like: Cool story. Next?

Julie Chen asks each houseguest to go vote one by one after BB takes us to the hometown of Steve and we meet his adorable parents. Becky is unanimously voted out of the house and when she receives her going-away messages from each houseguest, Vanessa tells her that on a human level she thinks she’s great, but on a game-play level, they’ve been “pitted against each other” and she’s not sorry to see her go. Becky turns to the audience and says, “I mean, yeah, fair enough!” Julie asks her about her issues with Vanessa. Becky admits that Vanessa is a good player, and that her scheming is highly skilled—that she’s a very smart girl. But she’s pulling for Steve.

17BigBrother10.5 Vanessa, Meg and Jamesy the Kitty are laced up for HOH.

It’s time to start the next HOH competition. We won’t know who won until Sunday’s episode. One thing’s for sure though—Livefeeders will be relieved they don’t have to witness under-the-cover action anymore from Austin and Liz all week. Unless Austin wins…

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